It is possible to move an instance from one compute host to another in OpenStack. This is a common task when compute node has issues or maintenance has to be done on it. The openstack server migrate command is used to migrate an openstack instance from one compute host to another.

The Nova scheduler will automatically choose the destination compute host based on its settings. The migration process does not assume instance has shared storage available on the target host. For those using SSH tunneling, ensure that each node is configured with SSH key authentication so that the Compute service can use SSH to move disks to other nodes.

You can do a Live migration or Non-live migration. In Non-live migration, the instance is shut down, then moved to another hypervisor and restarted. The instance recognizes that it was rebooted, and the application running on the instance is disrupted.

With Live migration, the instance keeps running throughout the migration. This can be classified further by the way they treat instance storage:

  • Shared storage-based live migration. The instance has ephemeral disks that are located on storage shared between the source and destination hosts.
  • Block live migration, or simply block migration. The instance has ephemeral disks that are not shared between the source and destination hosts. Block migration is incompatible with read-only devices such as CD-ROMs and Configuration Drive (config_drive).
  • Volume-backed live migration. Instances use volumes rather than ephemeral disks.

Step 1: Identify VM to Migrate

Identify the VM that you want to migrate. To list the VMs running on OpenStack, run:

$ openstack server list
| ID                                   | Name        | Status | Networks             | Image    | Flavor   |
| 97cb5110-4135-4b59-8049-d19a29f64184 | dbvm01      | ACTIVE | public= | rhel-7.6 | m1.small |
| 8ba74eb3-469e-4535-8f30-ed75df303680 | webvm01     | ACTIVE | public= | rhel-7.6 | m1.small |

List hypervisors available:

$ openstack hypervisor list
| ID | Hypervisor Hostname              | Hypervisor Type | Host IP       | State |
|  1 |       | QEMU            | | up    |
|  4 |       | QEMU            | | up    |

Get hypervisor service name:

$ openstack hypervisor show

Use the openstack server migrate command to migrate an instance.

$ openstack server migrate <options> <server>

See available command options by running:

$ openstack server migrate --help
usage: openstack server migrate [-h] [--live <hostname>]
                                [--shared-migration | --block-migration]
                                [--disk-overcommit | --no-disk-overcommit]

Migrate server to different host

positional arguments:
  <server>              Server (name or ID)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --live <hostname>     Target hostname
  --shared-migration    Perform a shared live migration (default)
  --block-migration     Perform a block live migration
  --disk-overcommit     Allow disk over-commit on the destination host
  --no-disk-overcommit  Do not over-commit disk on the destination host
  --wait                Wait for migrate to complete

Migration example:

$ openstack server migrate dbvm01

To migrate instance and ephemeral block disk:

openstack server migrate --block-migration  --live compute-02.localdomain  dbvm01


  • compute-02.localdomain is the Target host hostname
  • dbvm01 is the name of the instance to be migrated.

Check the instance migration status.

$ openstack server show  dbvm01
| Field                               | Value                                                    |
| OS-DCF:diskConfig                   | MANUAL                                                   |
| OS-EXT-AZ:availability_zone         | nova                                                     |
| OS-EXT-SRV-ATTR:host                | compute-01.localdomain                                   |
| OS-EXT-SRV-ATTR:hypervisor_hostname |                               |
| OS-EXT-SRV-ATTR:instance_name       | instance-000000cf                                        |
| OS-EXT-STS:power_state              | Running                                                  |
| OS-EXT-STS:task_state               | None                                                     |
| OS-EXT-STS:vm_state                 | resized                                                  |
| OS-SRV-USG:launched_at              | 2019-09-18T08:59:09.000000                               |
| OS-SRV-USG:terminated_at            | None                                                     |
| accessIPv4                          |                                                          |
| accessIPv6                          |                                                          |
| addresses                           | public=                                     |
| config_drive                        |                                                          |
| created                             | 2019-09-18T06:30:41Z                                     |
| flavor                              | m1.medium (2)                                            |
| hostId                              | 0535fdb75a2a49238da76c9b812629b3fc5522251ab791ef03287be9 |
| id                                  | 3a82cf1f-93d0-47c6-931f-9d14472d9e45                     |
| image                               | rhel-7.6 (3dcc3ae0-41ba-4371-afb2-c07c5c1725fb)          |
| key_name                            | None                                                     |
| name                                | dbvm01                                                   |
| progress                            | 0                                                        |
| project_id                          | f278b83dd81848399a66d704aeb507b4                         |
| properties                          |                                                          |
| security_groups                     | name='default'                                           |
| status                              | VERIFY_RESIZE                                            |
| updated                             | 2019-09-18T08:59:10Z                                     |
| user_id                             | 9d6cd9e9847640ffbb2570a39d98aa55                         |
| volumes_attached                    |                                                          |

If the status is VERIFY_RESIZE. Manually confirm resize.

$ openstack server resize --confirm dbvm01

Status should be set to ACTIVE.

| status                              | ACTIVE                                                   |

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