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Introduction to Cloud and VPS Platforms

Has your site or project come to a level where you need to scale? Are you ready to move from shared hosting to a server where your site or project will scale without much fuss in the future? Well, then it might be time to consider moving into a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and enjoy the freedom to handle your space and stuff. You can even host other sites if you like depending on your needs and plans. Thank goodness that this is an era of brilliant technological growth and innovation where the cloud is taking the center stage.

To help you settle with an affordable VPS provider, this article tries to list some of the Best cheap VPS hosting Providers for your consideration this year.

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1. Scaleway

According to Scaleway’s website; it “is an Iliad Group brand supplying a range of pioneering cloud infrastructure covering a full range of services for professionals: public cloud services, private infrastructure Datacenter, and bare-metal cloud services.” With nearly 20 years of expertise in the field of dedicated servers (Online) and in the management of high-end innovative data centers, their performance is reliable.

Apart from that, Scaleway has wonderful prices that are quite affordable beginning with €1.99/month about $2.27/month for 1x86-64 core 1GB 25GB SSD(NVMe). Check out more about Scaleway at Scaleway Website

2. Hetzner Cloud

Hetzner is a leading web hosting provider and experienced data center operator in Germany. What is beautiful about Hetzner Online is that it offers professional hosting services and solutions for a fair price. Their cloud servers are located in their state-of-the-art data centers and provide top performance with their Intel Skylake Xeon CPUs and speedy NVMe SSDs for all of their resource-intensive projects.

Launch a VPS beginning at €2.49/month about $2.82 for 1vCPU 2GB RAM 20GB Hard Disk and 20TB traffic. Check out more about Hetzner at Hetzner Website.

3. OVH

OVH provides a large selection of cloud services you can use for storing, managing and processing data and applications. You can do everything you need to quickly and very affordably on the platform. Their prices begin $3.49/month offering: OpenStack KVM, 1 vCore(s), From 2 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD and Local RAID. Their Cloud provides technologies and solutions that are automatic, flexible and accessible all over the globe.

Whether you’re an IT manager, developer or entrepreneur, OVH Cloud have solutions for all. Check out more about OVH at: OVH Website


Founded in 2010, Hostwinds began changing the face of the hosting industry from the start with a set of new standards. Their goal is to always go the extra mile, ensuring their clients are successful, secure, and satisfied. Starting at $4.49/month, you get a VPS with the following features: 1 CPU CORE, 1 GB RAM, 30 GB DISK SPACE, 1 TB / 1 Gbps Port

Check out more about Hostwinds at: Hostwinds Website

5. AlphaRacks

AlphaRacks is a premium web hosting provider based in Los Angeles, CA. Initially started in 2006 as an on-site IT consultancy firm providing support to local businesses, the AlphaRacks brand was launched in 2013 offering mainstream premium hosting services to both web start-ups and large enterprises. They currently support over 40,000 clients of all sizes in over 100 countries worldwide. AlphaRacks provides quality web hosting, OpenVZ and KVM Virtual Private Servers, and Dedicated Servers. Services are provided in Los Angeles at the lowest possible cost.

Their lowest VPS offers 256MB Dedicated RAM, 20GB RAID-10 Disk Space, 500GB Premium Bandwidth, 1 Dedicated IP Address, 100Mbps Uplink Speed at $4.99/month. Check out more about AlphaRacks at: AlphaRacks Site

6. Ionos 1&1 vServer VPS M

1&1 was born in 1988, with the main aim of making information technology easy for everyone to understand and use.1&1 IONOS is the hosting and cloud partner of small and medium-sized businesses. They are experts in IaaS and offer a portfolio of solutions to get businesses present online and working in the digital space. As the largest hosting company in Europe, they manage more than 8 million customer contracts and host more than 12 million domains in our own regional data centers around the globe.

Their smallest VPS goes for 12 months at $5 /month then jumps to $10/month thereafter. Such a VPS has the following features:1 vCore CPU, 1 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD. You can check more of their products at Ionos 1&1 vServer

7. Linode

Launched in June of 2003 by founder Christopher S. Aker, Linode’s initial development took about 6 months. Linode was ahead of its time and helped define the cloud hosting industry, and continues to be a leader in virtualization hosting. They live to solve problems, code software, and make cool stuff happen. And, they love to share their creations with others. Starting at $5/month, you get a Nanode of the following specifications: 1GB RAM,1CPU Core, 25GB SSD Storage, 1 TB Transfer, 40Gbps Network In and 1000Mbps Network Out.

You can check more of their products at: Linode

8. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is on a mission to simplify cloud computing so developers and their teams can spend more time building software that changes the world. They Strive for simple and elegant solutions by considering that the simplest approach is often the best.

With a wide range of products, Digital Ocean has become a one-stop shop for many organizations around the world for servers, container solutions, and other cloud solutions. They have balanced virtual machines with a healthy amount of memory tuned to host and scale applications like blogs, web applications, testing/staging environments, in-memory caching and databases.

You get their droplet beginning at $5/month with the following features: 1GB, 1vCPU,25GB and 1TB. You can check more of their products at: Digital Ocean


With the advancement of technology especially cloud, every business would wish to get their services running on affordable yet reliable servers across the globe. We hope the above list will help you in finding one that will suit your needs. Thank you for reading through..

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