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As it is known the category of people involved in the development of algorithms and programs based on mathematical models is generally called programmers. Among the basic personal qualities of programmers, it is necessary to allocate the following:

  • A programmer must have patience and endurance. These are absolutely indispensable qualities in his work;
  • A person needs to be able to adapt quickly and constantly learn something new. Otherwise, after a few years, his/her value as a specialist may decline significantly;
  • Ability to objectively assess the capabilities of technologies and their use in each case.

All the above indicates that the profession of a programmer is quite complex, but at the same time promising.

As practice shows, it is rather difficult for a beginner to master the basics of programming. But, fortunately, everyone can get coding homework help from programming experts at any time. For this, it is just necessary to contact the specialists and place an order.

In this article, we will list the best books that will help beginners to master computer programming.

Popular Computer Programming Books for Beginners

So, below are the 5 best books on computer programming. If you are interested in this topic, then you should carefully study them.

Books on computer programming for beginners:

  1. Python Tricks” by Dan Bader. This book cannot be called an entry-level Python course or a step-by-step tutorial for beginners. If you are just starting to learn this language, then this book will not help you become a Python development specialist. However, its reading will have a beneficial effect on you. At the same time, you definitely need to use other resources that will form your fundamental Python programming skills. Most likely, a person who is fluent in Python and wants to improve her/his knowledge will get the most out of this book. It will help if you have been programming in Python for some time and are ready to go further to give your knowledge a finished look and make your program code more professional. Reading a book will also be invaluable if you already have experience working with some other programming languages and are hoping to quickly understand the intricacies of the Python language. You’ll find tons of practical instructions and design patterns that will make you a more efficient and qualified Python programmer;
  2. “The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide” by John Sonmez. This popular book is not just a book on software development; it’s better to say that this is a textbook on researching software development methods. It is intended for beginner programmers. Since the main goal of the book is to develop skills and achieve abilities in software development, the book will also be useful for professional software developers who want to expand their knowledge, improve their skills and abilities. It is assumed that the reader is already familiar with programming using classes and objects, mainly in the Java language;
  3. “Code” by Charles Petzold. This book must be studied by every beginner, because the author tells there about the history of the emergence of computer technology, the essence of coding information, etc. Practical examples help readers learn the main concepts of information technology, as well as the principles of the processor and other computer devices;
  4. “Hacking: The Art of Exploitation” by Jon Erickson. This modern book is one of the most suitable for beginners. It outlines a number of obstacles that beginners usually encounter. Here you can find information on various technical aspects, in particular, exploitation of vulnerabilities and command shells. In addition, the book gives tips on how to work effectively;
  5. “Effective Java” by Joshua Bloch. As experts note, an important feature of the Java language is the presence of a fairly simple syntax. However, its understanding is not so simple. The book “Effective Java” is significantly different from other classic books, since it is based on visualization. Here you will find a detailed presentation, vivid examples, and practical exercises that will allow you to consolidate the material studied. The book is perfect for beginners who have not previously studied object-oriented programming. Thanks to the original non-standard presentation form, the book “Effective Java” is considered to be one of the most suitable books for beginners. Anyone interested in programming will definitely find what he is looking for in this book.

So, if you decide to get involved in the study of computer programming, but have encountered a number of difficulties, do not worry, but try to overcome them. The books that we have already characterized in this article will help you to achieve your goal. You should select a book that suits you the most and start working actively right now. You will certainly succeed and the results will not be long in coming!

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