Linux Kernel 5.4 has been released with Plenty of New features and bug fixes. This guide exists to help you install Linux Kernel 5. on Ubuntu & Linux Mint system. By default, Ubuntu systems runs the Linux Kernels provided by the Ubuntu repositories.

It is possible to run the unmodified upstream kernel, for Kernel debugging, verifying bug fixes or for learning purposes. We will use a tool called Ukuu (Ubuntu Kernel Update Utility) to install Kernel 5.x on Ubuntu or Linux Mint system. This tool will pull the mainline kernel build you select and install it automatically.

For CentOS 7, check How to Install Linux Kernel 5.x on CentOS 7

Install Linux Kernel 5.x on Ubuntu / Linux Mint

Start by installing Ukuu from PPA repository added using command below.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:teejee2008/ppa
More info:
Press [ENTER] to continue or Ctrl-c to cancel adding it.
Hit:1 bionic InRelease
Hit:2 bionic-updates InRelease
Hit:3 bionic-backports InRelease
Hit:4 bionic InRelease
Hit:5 bionic-security InRelease
Hit:6 bionic InRelease
Get:7 bionic InRelease [15.4 kB]
Hit:8 InRelease
Hit:9 bionic InRelease
Get:10 bionic/main i386 Packages [1,944 B]
Get:11 bionic/main amd64 Packages [1,944 B]
Get:12 bionic/main Translation-en [872 B]
Fetched 20.1 kB in 3s (6,361 B/s)
Reading package lists… Done

If you’re missing the add-apt-repository command, check How to Install add-apt-repository on Debian / Ubuntu.

After adding the repository, update Application list index and install Ukuu.

sudo apt update
sudo apt -y install ukuu

Use Ukuu to Install Linux Kernel 5.x on Ubuntu / Linux Mint

Launch Ukuu application using your Linux Start menu search function.

launch ukku kernel upgrade

The same can be done from CLI using the command:

$ ukuu-gtk 

Ukuu will Perform a check on mainline to get Kernels list.

Ukuu fetch kernel updates
Ukuu show available kernel versions

Select Kernel 5.x from the list and Click “Install” button to initiate installation.

Ukuu upgrade kernel

Within a short time, download and installation of Kernel 5.x should start.

install kernel 5.0 ubuntu linux mint

You should get success message after the installation.

linux kernel upgraded

Close the window to return to Ukuu console.

linux kernel upgraded 02

From the List, you can confirm Kernel 5.x has been installed. A warning window will also be shown.

linux kernel upgraded warning

Reboot your Ubuntu / Linux Mint system to use new Kernel.

sudo reboot

After a successful reboot, check your runtime Kernel version,

$ uname -r

You can also use neofetch or similar tool to get OS details.

confirm kernel 5.0 ubuntu debian

Uninstalling Kernel 5.x on Ubuntu / Linux Mint

You can always roll back to your old Linux Kernel. But you’ll have to first install a different Kernel Version and boot to it.

After booting to Old Kernel, select Kernel 5.x on Ukuu and click “Remove“.

For CentOS 7, check How to Install Linux Kernel 5.x on CentOS 7

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