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This guide will show you how to install Deepin Desktop Environment Fedora 34/33/32/31. Since the release of Fedora 31, the Fedora team saw it fit to add two more desktop environment to the maximum delight of its users. These are:

  • Deepin (the desktop environment used in Deepin Linux) and,
  • Pantheon (the desktop environment that powers elementary OS).

The packages for Deepin Desktop Environment are installable from Fedora repositories. Fire up a new terminal on your Fedora 30 system and view details about Deepin Desktop Environment group packages.

$ sudo dnf group info "Deepin Desktop"
Environment Group: Deepin Desktop
 Description: Deepin desktop is the desktop environment released with deepin. It aims at being elegant and easy to use.
 Mandatory Groups:
   Administration Tools
   Common NetworkManager Submodules
   Deepin Desktop Applications
   Deepin Desktop Environment
   Dial-up Networking Support
   Guest Desktop Agents
   Hardware Support
   Input Methods
   Printing Support
 Optional Groups:
   3D Printing
   Cloud Management Tools
   Deepin Desktop Office
   Media packages for Deepin Desktop

It can be installed by running.

sudo dnf group install "Deepin Desktop"

Hit the y key when asked to begin installation of Deepin Desktop Environment on Fedora 34/33/32/3:

Transaction Summary
Install  1048 Packages
Upgrade    13 Packages

Total download size: 1.1 G
Is this ok [y/N]: y

Reboot your system after the installation.

sudo reboot

On the login screen, select “Deepin” under the list of Desktop sessions available.

install deepin desktop environment 01

You’ll be logged in to Deepin desktop environment which has a look like this.

install deepin desktop environment 03

Enjoy using Deepin, which is one of the best Desktop environments for Linux. For older versions of Fedora, check:

Install Deepin Desktop Environment on Fedora

For the installation of Pantheon Desktop Environment on Fedora, refer to:

Install Pantheon Desktop Environment on Fedora

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You can support us by downloading this article as PDF from the Link below. Download the guide as PDF


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