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For many, Linux is a terrifying operating system. Dangerous and dark! Full of hassle and without any application software that only benefits certain people and professionals. Some talk about Linux as it is a space-based operating system for space people. But is that really the case?

You may have heard a little about the Linux operating system and its features. Undoubtedly, if you have heard about this, you must have heard that Linux is a terrifying, boring operating system with no tools in which everything has to be done by entering commands. An operating system with which you can not even listen to music and play!

Linux may have been just an open-source operating system in the past. But in recent years, everything has changed and now the Linux operating system is a modern operating system that has nothing to do on Windows and Mac and can not be done on Linux! Today is the day to put an end to rumors and lies about Linux.

Here are four of the biggest rumors about Linux today, and you’ll see that none of them apply to this operating system anymore.

What Are The 4 Big Lies About Linux?

  1. Working with Linux is extremely difficult.
  2. Linux is old and ugly!
  3. In Linux, you must use the Command-Line.
  4. Linux can’t run computer games!

Let’s check these rumors one by one.

1 – Working with Linux is extremely difficult

Of all the common lies about Linux, this one is the most common. It really depends on how hard you work with an operating system! Is Linux Absolutely Hard? not at all! It can even be said that if you look at it from a different angle, Linux is the most logical operating system ever designed. Like any other operating system, all you need to do to get things done in Linux is to learn how to do it.

Perhaps the hardest part for those who talk about Linux in this way is learning the Linux commands. But the sum of the commands that are now required in Linux to do the basic work is hardly more than 50 commands and those are very easy to learn. Just ask yourself how many commands you have already learned in Windows. Of course, Linux is not harder than Windows!

The problem here is that many Linux students come to this operating system with a default: they come from Windows or Mac. If you expect Linux to behave exactly like these two operating systems, you will run into problems. But if you look at Linux as a unique operating system with its own behaviors and tools, Linux is even simpler than Windows and Mac. Just keep in mind that things are done on Linux using the Linux method, not necessarily the Windows method.

2 – In Linux, you must use the Command-Line

What you know in Windows as CMD is exactly the same in Linux as Terminal. Specific commands are executed in this terminal and their final output is what the user requested. In the past, it was customary for most work on Linux to be done with this terminal. Some commands are still executed there, but not all commands and tasks can be done using the terminal alone.

99% of things can be done on Linux just like Windows and Mac. That 1% are also things that are much easier and more convenient to do in the terminal! The fact is that if you are familiar with the terminal and Linux commands, you can easily solve these problems when a problem occurs. But if you don’t want to use the terminal does not mean shutting down Linux. to practice and get more familiar with Linux, we suggest you buy a cheap Linux VPS and use this OS’s easy and powerful command-line. the recommended distribution for beginners is Ubuntu.

3 – Linux is old and ugly!

Early versions of Linux were not very popular, especially when it came to beauty and graphics. This has led many Linux to have an image like DOS or Windows 98! Especially those who may have switched to Linux years ago. Linux was ugly and old in those days, but today …

The point is that Linux is so advanced in graphics and beauty these days that it’s safe to say that Linux has passed Windows and Mac on beauty. If you only have one type of graphics and desktop interface in Windows and Mac, there are more than 10 independent and diverse graphical and desktop interfaces in Linux that you can have any or all of them on your operating system environment. And you can change it any way you want.

Some of these desktops, such as KDE, are designed to be so beautiful and stylish that if you use them once, you wish that Windows or Mac had the same features and beauty. These days, Linux is the most beautiful operating system available, without a doubt.

4 – Linux can’t run computer games!

One of the reasons Windows is the most popular operating system on the market right now is that it is the standard operating system for PC gaming. If you are looking for the latest and greatest computer games, you should use Windows. But if someone told you that Linux could not run computer games, they were lying!

Many are unaware that there are some popular computer games that run well on Linux. The latest release from Linux, GOG, and the recently released SteamOS console, which is a form of Linux, all herald the days when Linux gamers will consider Linux one of the best platforms for PC gaming. This is very likely due to the flexibility and lightness of Linux.

On the other hand, the existence of tools such as Wine, which is a kind of Windows emulator, allows users to run Windows games and software on Linux. Of course, this tool is not a complete and flawless tool, but it largely meets the needs of users.

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