Are you looking for an Open Source alternative to Ansible Tower?. Ansible is the most used and easy to master Configuration management tool used by Developers and Operations teams to deploy Applications from small setups to Large scale deployments. For UI centric guys and team collaboration, we will see how you can Manage Ansible pipeline from A web interface with Semaphore.

Ansible Semaphore is an Open Source UI for Ansible, an alternative to Ansible Tower. The software is free to use and fully open source, released under MIT license. The backend of Semaphore is written in Go while the frontend is written in Angular.

This tool allows you to launch Ansible Tasks from a Web interface. It has support for LDAP authentication, provides RESTful API and alerting via email and Telegram.

Semaphore Dependencies

Semaphore has the following dependencies:

  • MySQL >= 5.6.4/MariaDB >= 5.3
  • ansible
  • git >= 2.x

Installing Semaphore

Follow our guides below to install Semaphore on your Linux distribution. We have guides for both Debian and CentOS Linux distributions.

How to Install Semaphore Ansible Web UI on CentOS 7

How to Setup Semaphore Ansible Web UI on Ubuntu / Debian

You can now write Ansible tasks and roles and deploy them on your Servers with Semaphore. I hope this tool fits to your list of Automation acceleration tools.


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