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The latest releases of LibreOffice are available for Fedora 31/30/29/28 for download as RPM packages. LibreOffice is a free and open source, fully-featured office productivity suite. The native file format of LibreOffice is Open Document Format (ODF). In this guide, you will learn how to install the latest LibreOffice on Fedora 31/30/29/28.

LibreOffice has the following office suite features.

  • Writer (word processor) – Writer is a feature-rich tool for creating letters, books, reports, newsletters, brochures, and other documents
  • Calc (spreadsheet) – Calc has all of the advanced analysis, charting, and decision making features expected from a high-end spreadsheet
  • Impress (presentations) – Impress provides all the common multimedia presentation tools, such as special effects, animation, and drawing tools
  • Draw (vector graphics) – Draw is a vector drawing tool that can produce everything from simple diagrams or flowcharts to the 3D artwork.
  • Base (database) – Base provides tools for day-to-day database work within a simple interface
  • Math (formula editor) – Math is the LibreOffice formula or equation editor.

Step 1: Update Fedora

Let’s make sure we’re running latest packages on our Fedora system.

sudo dnf -y update

Step 2: Download LibreOffice on Fedora 31/30/29

The next phase is to download the latest release of LibreOffice from the downloads page.

Choose your operating system, package type and hit the download button. As of this article update, the most recent release is 6.3.2. This can be downloaded with wget or curl command.


Step 2: Install LibreOffice on Fedora 30/29/28

When download is done, extract RPM packages from the downloaded archive file.

tar xvf LibreOffice_6.3.2_Linux_x86-64_rpm.tar.gz

We can now install all LibreOffice RPM packages using dnf command.

cd LibreOffice_6.3.2.2_Linux_x86-64_rpm/
cd RPMS/
sudo dnf install *.rpm

Sample output:

$ sudo dnf install *.rpm
Fedora Modular 30 - x86_64 - Updates             18 kB/s |  47 kB     00:02    
Fedora 30 - x86_64 - Updates                     23 kB/s |  43 kB     00:01    
Fedora 30 - x86_64 - Updates                    176 kB/s | 571 kB     00:03    
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                                    Arch   Version   Repository    Size
 libobasis6.2-base                          x86_64 @commandline 2.0 M
 libobasis6.2-calc                          x86_64 @commandline 9.7 M
 libobasis6.2-core                          x86_64 @commandline 103 M
 libobasis6.2-draw                          x86_64 @commandline 6.1 k
 libobasis6.2-en-US                         x86_64 @commandline  88 k
                                            x86_64 @commandline 376 k
                                            x86_64 @commandline 595 k
 libobasis6.2-extension-mediawiki-publisher x86_64 @commandline 2.1 M
 libobasis6.2-extension-nlpsolver           x86_64 @commandline 1.1 M
 libobasis6.2-extension-pdf-import          x86_64 @commandline 1.1 M
 libobasis6.2-extension-report-builder      x86_64 @commandline 3.1 M
 libobasis6.2-firebird                      x86_64 @commandline 3.3 M
 libobasis6.2-gnome-integration             x86_64 @commandline 1.1 M
 libobasis6.2-graphicfilter                 x86_64 @commandline 1.7 M
 libobasis6.2-images                        x86_64 @commandline  31 M
 libobasis6.2-impress                       x86_64 @commandline 722 k
 libobasis6.2-kde-integration               x86_64 @commandline 884 k
 libobasis6.2-librelogo                     x86_64 @commandline 221 k
 libobasis6.2-libreofficekit-data           x86_64 @commandline 3.6 k
 libobasis6.2-math                          x86_64 @commandline 511 k
 libobasis6.2-ogltrans                      x86_64 @commandline 113 k
 libobasis6.2-onlineupdate                  x86_64 @commandline 192 k
 libobasis6.2-ooofonts                      x86_64 @commandline  30 M
 libobasis6.2-ooolinguistic                 x86_64 @commandline 2.6 k
 libobasis6.2-postgresql-sdbc               x86_64 @commandline 1.4 M
 libobasis6.2-python-script-provider        x86_64 @commandline  13 k
 libobasis6.2-pyuno                         x86_64 @commandline 7.4 M
 libobasis6.2-writer                        x86_64 @commandline 5.0 M
 libobasis6.2-xsltfilter                    x86_64 @commandline 457 k
 libreoffice6.2                             x86_64 @commandline 803 k
 libreoffice6.2-base                        x86_64 @commandline 2.2 k
 libreoffice6.2-calc                        x86_64 @commandline 2.2 k
 libreoffice6.2-dict-en                     x86_64 @commandline 6.3 M
 libreoffice6.2-dict-es                     x86_64 @commandline 1.4 M
 libreoffice6.2-dict-fr                     x86_64 @commandline 2.1 M
 libreoffice6.2-draw                        x86_64 @commandline 2.2 k
 libreoffice6.2-en-US                       x86_64 @commandline 7.3 k
 libreoffice6.2-freedesktop-menus           noarch 6.2.3-2   @commandline 2.4 M
 libreoffice6.2-impress                     x86_64 @commandline 2.2 k
 libreoffice6.2-math                        x86_64 @commandline 2.2 k
 libreoffice6.2-ure                         x86_64 @commandline  15 M
 libreoffice6.2-writer                      x86_64 @commandline 2.2 k

Transaction Summary
Install  42 Packages

Total size: 235 M
Installed size: 593 M
Is this ok [y/N]: y

Installation will finish in few seconds.

Step 3: Launch LibreOffice on Fedora 30/29/28

We now have LibreOffice installed on Fedora 30/29/28. To launch it, use Gnome Activities search function.

Click desired application of LibreOffice from the list, e.g Draw, Write, Impress e.t.c.

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You can support us by downloading this article as PDF from the Link below. Download the guide as PDF