In this blog post, we will cover how to install and configure iSCSI Target on Windows Server 2019. From Wikipedia, iSCSI is an acronym for Internet Small Computer Systems Interface, an Internet Protocol-based storage networking standard for linking data storage facilities. It provides block-level access to storage devices by carrying SCSI commands over a TCP/IP network. The iSCSI target is the storage on a remote location, which appears to the host system (iSCSI initiator) as a local drive. We shall see all of this illustrated.

Below are the steps used to configure iSCSI Target and Initiator on Windows Server 2019.

Step 1: Open Server Manager

Fire up your “Server Manager” and click on “Add Roles and Features” then click “Next” on the first page of the Wizard that pops-up,

Server Manager start

Step 2: Role-Based or Feature-based installation

On this page, choose the “Role-Based or Feature-based installation” radio option and hit “Next“.

Add Roles and Features POP Role based 1

Step 3: Choose Server

Select the server you would wich to install the iSCSI Target in. On this guide, we are choosing the local server. Click “Next” after that.

iSCSI Select Server

Step 4: Select Server Roles

This next page is titled “Select Server Roles” and has got a list of roles to install. Please go ahead and click on “Files and Storage Services” to expand it. Expand “File and iSCSI Services” and select “iSCSI Target Server“.

iSCSI File and storage services expanded
iSCSI File and storage services expanded next

Step 5: Add Features

After you choose “ iSCSI Target Server” on the previous step, another pop-up window will come up titled “Add features that are required for iSCSI Target Server?“. Simply click on “Add Features“. Click on “Next” after that.

Step 6: Confirm Selections

The next page is titled “Confirm installation selections“. Look at the list provided and confirm that iSCSI Target Server and others are listed. After that, click “Install“. After everything is successfully installed, click “Close” and your iSCSI Target Server is installed. Let us proceed to configure the iSCSI Target Server.

iSCSI Confirm Selections and install
iSCSI Feature installation 1
iSCSI Feature installation complete

Step 7: Configure iSCSI Target Folder

We are now going to configure a folder that we shall be connected to by initiators. Create a directory/folder in your desired disk partition. I will create iSCSI-Target-Test in C partition.

iSCSI Target create test target folder

Head over to “Server Manager“. Click “File and Storage Services” and select iSCSI from the expanded menu. You will see “To create an iSCSI virtual disk, start the New iSCSI Virtual Disk Wizard” link on the right pane. Click on it. A wizard pops-up.

iSCSI Target create virtualdisk
iSCSI virtual disk wizard select folder custom path

Step 8: Choose the folder we created

Select “Type a custom path” and browse for the folder we created earlier. Click “Next” after that.

iSCSI the test folder selected

Step 9: Name and describe your virtual disk

This is an easy step of just naming and describing your virtual disk. Click on “Next” after you are done.

iSCSI name virtual disk and describe

Step 10: Set the size of the virtual disk

In this step, apart from setting the size of the virtual disk, you have the option of choosing if the disk will be fixed, dynamically grow or in differencing modes. All of the three are described adequately in the window. Select the one that makes more sense in your set-up and click “Next

iSCSI specify virtualdisk size and type

Step 11: Assign iSCSI Target

Since this is a new target, select “New iSCSI target” and click “Next

iSCSI name virtual disk and describe next 2

Step 12: Name and describe your target

This is yet another easy step of just naming and describing your target. Click on “Next” after you are done.

iSCSI name target and describe

Step 13: Specify access servers

For security, we have to explicitly allow known initiators to our targets. This page gives us that opportunity. Click on “Add” which opens “Add Initiator ID” pop-up window. For simplicity, use “Enter a value for the selected type” and under “Type” choose IP Address from the drop-down menu. Key-in your initiator IP Address and click “OK“.

iSCSI Target specify initiators that will access click add
iSCSI Target specify initiators that will access select method ip address

Step 14: Authentication between initiator and Target

You can use either of the two CHAP options provided which are well described in this step. Enter username and passwords. Click on “Next” after you are done.

iSCSI Target enable authentication chap 1

Step 15: Confirm selections and create

On this following page confirm your selections, click create and wait for it to finish.

iSCSI Target confirm selections and create
iSCSI virtual disk created successfuly

You should see your virtual disk created in the server manager.

iscsi target inservermanager

Step 16: Configure iSCSI Initiator

With the iSCSI Target configured, proceed to configure iSCSI initiator on Windows Server 2019:

How To Configure iSCSI Initiator on Windows Server 2019


We have successfully installed the iSCSI Target Server and created a target virtual disk. Next, we are going to use iSCSI initiator and connect to our Target Server.

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