The Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP) is a protocol which enables an application to be launched on a client desktop by using resources that are hosted on a remote web server. Java Plug-in software and Java Web Start software are considered JNLP clients because they can launch remotely hosted applets and applications on a client desktop.

how to launch jnlp on linux with icedtea web

The standard way of accessing Server iLO/IPMI is via JNLP file downloaded from the server console. I had to find a tool which will allow me to launch this file on my Linux Desktop.

In this guide, we will install IcedTea-Web which is a free software implementation of Java Web Start and the Java web browser plugin.

Install On Ubuntu / Ubuntu

sudo apt -y install icedtea-netx icedtea-plugin

Install on Fedora / CentOS

---- CentOS ----
sudo yum -y install icedtea-web

--- Fedora ----
sudo dnf -y install icedtea-web

Install on Arch / Manjaro

sudo pacman -S icedtea-web

Execute JNLP file on Linux

After installation, you can execute a JNLP file using the command line:

$ javaws file.jnlp

An alternative way of executing a JNLP file by double-clicking.

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