It is worth remembering that not only content plays a crucial role in emailing. Unfortunately, the selection of words, analysis, and segmentation of the target audience are failed if your IP gets blacklisted. The transition of IP to the dark side has many reasons: from a violation of the network’s code of conduct to a reader’s ban. 

Sooner or later, any IP will be on the blacklist. Therefore, we recommend you not only perform a regular IP blacklist check on but learn how to get out from there.


Why Check IP for Blacklist

To begin with, IPs are not assigned to PCs but the network. The server’s Internet protocol directly affects the level of mail delivery. When processing a letter, a spam filter is guided by two parameters — the sender’s rating and the content of the email itself.

Consequently, the cleaner the IP, the more messages will end up in the Inbox of your recipients. So, IP can spoil even the coolest and most tested advertising campaign. One wrong action — and you are on a blacklist. Here are the main reasons for the IP being blacklisted:

  • The number of mailings from one server. The more letters are sent in a piece of time, the more the IP rating decreases;
  • Numerous bans and complaints about mailings from the server;
  • Massive spam was previously sent from the server;
  • Violation of the basic rules of online behavior;
  • The message contains links to domains that are on the blacklist;
  • The design of the text of the message violates the requirements of the spam filters.

There are frequent cases when a user behaved in the best traditions of email etiquette, but his mailings still end up in the spam folder. The explanation is simple: the server received an IP from the blacklist. This is often the case when using a virtual server.

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How to Get Out of the Blacklist?

If the letters end up in SPAM — what to do? Do not relax and check the presence of the server address in the DNSBL databases. In short, DNSBLs are blacklists. The check can be done both by the IP address or by the domain name.

To get out of the blacklist, you need to understand the reasons for getting into it. It requires professional skills and several years of training. Therefore, this is done by the email newsletter services, which saves you time and nerves.

For a spam filter, it makes no difference from what address the email has been sent. Only the server is essential. Therefore, the sequence of actions when appearing in the blacklist is the same both for mailing from your server and when using a special mail service. The difference is that in the first case, you will have to take the IP from the black database yourself, which is not easy to do.

So, try not to give the spam filters any reasons to blacklist you. Good luck!

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