Manage Windows Applications Using Chocolatey Software Management Tool

Introduction Windows has come a long way in its journey of particularly powering personal computers and servers. Dating...

How To run Arch Linux on Windows WSL

Prelude The Windows Subsystem for Linux lets developers run a GNU/Linux environment -- including most command-line tools, utilities,...

Enable Hyper-V and Install Vagrant on Windows 10

Introduction HarshiCorp promises that Vagrant is a tool for building and managing virtual machine environments in a single...

Install and Configure SQL Server Management Studio 18.4 on Windows 10

Introduction From Microsoft, SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is an integrated environment for managing any SQL infrastructure, from...

Install SQL Server 2019 Developer Edition on Windows Server 2019

Introduction Microsoft produces SQL Server Developer edition is a full-featured free edition, licensed for use as a development...

Best Web browsers for Windows and Linux 2020

Introduction One of the applications that every computer and every smartphone usually comes with out of the box...

Install and Configure Hyper-V on Windows Server 2019

Overview of Hyper-V Hyper-V is a Microsoft Product that is used to accomplish hardware virtualization. Virtualization as you know...

How To Configure NTP Server in Windows Server 2019

Introduction Let's see how you can configure NTP Server on Windows Server 2019. The Windows Time service uses the...

How To add DNS A/PTR Record in Windows Server 2019

Introduction After adding your Forward and Reverse Lookup Zones in your DNS Server, what remains is the addition of...

How To add DNS Reverse Lookup Zone in Windows Server 2019

Introduction In the world of DNS, Reverse Lookup Zones requests the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) that corresponds to...

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