Here we have brought for you some reliable and top leading best tools of file converter 2021 which you can use right now to give your conversion process smooth functioning.  This tool converter platform has been brilliantly known for offering the easy to perform services of converting your files into different formats. Most users do not look forward to choosing the paid versions of file conversion because it can be a lot pricey for them. Therefore, looking for some free version tools turn out to be one of their top favorite choices.  For your help, here we have some fantastic and best tool options for online PDF file converter 2021. Check out below:

1. Free Online OCR

As it has been evident from the name, OCR is the abbreviation of Optical Character Recognition. This tool is used to detect any sort of text that has been completely scanned right through PDF documents.  This tool is becoming a top favorite these days because it is taken to be the top best integration of excellent output delivering software and is quite a lot affordable as well.  You would not be finding this kind of combination in any software tool online converter at all. 

Before uploading, you can get your documents all scanned.  You can easily access it through your smartphone or tablet or even at PC. It is supporting all kinds of images even if they are in some low resolution.  It mostly works online so you don’t need to get into any sort of installation.  It is extremely fast in its conversion processing speed.  Its major drawback is just that it can only convert one file at one time. 


On the second we have another free converter which is although newly established ones but it has made a remarkable and best place among the beginners and students.  This tool converter is excellent because of its fastest conversion speed and easy interface. It is helpful when it comes to signing any document into the version of PDF. It will allow you to convert the files in different formats and that too with just one click.  It is free to use. It is completely free from the advertisements which might disturb your conversion process.  It is a highly recommended tool for the students as well as business professionals. 

3. Desk PDF Studio XE

This converter software has been included with all those features which you might be finding in any reliable converter tool. It has a friendly interface which makes it recommended for beginners as well. It is known out to be so much sophisticated and yet the intuitive tool.  It is helpful when it comes to editing as well as signing any document into the version of PDF.  To maintain the safety assurance and security, it is added with freehand and markups in which we have letterheads and watermarks.  The converted file will be reachable to you through the email address provided.  It is available at a low price. 

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