With more than 100 million active devices, Macs are a popular choice for users worldwide. MacOS has been praised for its smooth performance and user-friendly experience. While being one of the most reliable operating systems out there, it can still suffer from some of the issues that affect the way the device functions.

Some of the most common issues are junk files piling up in the system’s storage, unwanted programs, performance instabilities, and compromised security. In this guide, we will describe five different ways for Mac users to tackle these problems and optimize their systems with the Outbyte MacRepair app

Introducing the App

Outbyte MacRepair can be a useful tool for those who want to keep their system clean, efficient, and secure. The app has various tools to accomplish this job. One of the strongest features of the Outbyte app is decluttering your Mac’s storage. It also has the functionality to optimize its performance and keep your system safe from potential threats. 

  1. Decluttering Mac storage

Once Outbyte MacRepair is installed on your Mac, you can run a scan,  which will identify among other items, large and old files, duplicate files, and system junk.


After the scan is over, you will be presented with a list of identified junk files with a brief description of the types detected and an option to remove them. To get rid of large and old files, along with duplicate files, users can head to the corresponding categories under the Cleanup Tools section.

You can also free up some additional space by heading over to the Smart Uninstaller tool, which can be accessed from the left panel. There you will find a full list of apps installed on your Mac that can be removed. A nice thing about this tool is that it strives to remove apps completely, with no traces being left after the removal process.

After getting rid of unneeded files and apps, you will have more available space on your Mac, which you can use for better and more critical purposes.

  1. Optimize RAM with Memory Cleaner

The Memory Cleaner tool can help you optimize your Mac’s performance by clearing memory from inactive apps and directing it to the apps that are currently in use.


Memory Cleaner can be accessed from the Performance Tools section. To begin the optimization process, click on the Start Optimization button right within the tool.

  1. Deactivate Unneeded Login Items

There may be certain apps set to start upon your Mac’s launch. The Login Items tool will identify such apps and let you disable the ones you don’t need, which can help to increase performance by freeing up RAM for other apps.

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To disable any app from launching upon system login, you can click on the toggle-button and switch it to “Off” position.

  1. Protect Your System From Potential Threats

The System Protection tool scans your Mac for Potentially Unwanted Apps (PUA) and files that have formats macOS doesn’t support.

It is recommended to remove identified PUAs from your system as they might threaten its functioning and stability. It is worth mentioning that PUAs are not necessarily malware, and in most cases, it is up to users if they want to keep them. It is also important to note that Outbyte MacRepair does not fully replace an antivirus program, and it is advised that you have one installed on your system as an additional security measure.

  1. Secure Your Online Sessions

Our computers are always online these days. With the Internet Security tool, users can make their online experience safer and more secure. 

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The Internet Security tool can identify Potentially Unwanted Websites (PUW) based on the  WoT (Web of Trust) database which stores trust and safety scores of a large number of websites.  Many websites can be untrustworthy or malicious, and Outbyte MacRepair will warn you about such websites and give you an option to block them so that your internet sessions are better secured. Also, this tool identifies potentially unwanted files downloaded from the Web and notifies users about those as well. 

The network inspection feature will inform you about how safe your connection is and what type of activities it is safe enough for.


Even though macOS is considered to be one of the most stable operating systems on the market, it can also benefit from additional maintenance with programs like Outbyte MacRepair. Activities such as decluttering your drive, optimizing the RAM usage, and adding an extra layer of security can help you ensure that your system will be free of junk and perform to the best of its abilities.

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