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Node.js is a server-side JavaScript language based on the V8 JavaScript engine from Google. Node.js allows you to write server-side JavaScript applications. It provides an I/O model based on events and non-blocking operations that enables you to write efficient applications. Node.js is known for its large modular ecosystem through npm. This guide will take you through the steps of installing Node.js 14 on Ubuntu 20.04/18.04 & Debian 10/9.

Node.js 14 was released on 2020-04-21 and is expected to enter active LTS state on 2020-10-20. The maintenance window will start on 2021-10-19 and is expected to reach End-of-life on 2023-04-30.

For CentOS / RHEL installation: Install Node.js 14 on CentOS & RHEL

Install Node.js 14 on Ubuntu 20.04/18.04 & Debian 10/9

We will use the Node.js Binary Distributions installer script to setup Node.js 14 on Ubuntu 20.04/18.04 & Debian 10/9 Linux system.

Step 1: Update APT index

Run the apt update command on your Ubuntu / Debian Linux to update package repository contents database.

sudo apt update

Step 2: Install Node.js 13 on Ubuntu / Debian Linux

After system update, install Node.js 14 on Ubuntu / Debian by first installing the required repository.

curl -sL | sudo bash -

The script above will create apt sources list file for the NodeSource Node.js 14.x repo:

$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nodesource.list
deb focal main
deb-src focal main

Once the repository is added, you can begin the installation of Node.js 14 on Ubuntu & Debian Linux:

sudo apt -y install nodejs

Verify the version of Node.js installed.

$ node  -v

If you need Node Development tools, install them with the command:

 sudo apt -y install gcc g++ make

To install the Yarn package manager, run:

curl -sL | sudo apt-key add -
echo "deb stable main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/yarn.list
sudo apt update && sudo apt install yarn

You have covered the simple steps required to install Node.js 14 on Ubuntu 20.04/18.04 & Debian 10/9. Have fun with your backend software development.

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