Welcome to our article on How to install latest Java JDK on Kali Linux 2020.x|2019.x. Many applications require Java installed on your computer for them to run smoothly. This tutorial will guide you through a complete process of installing latest java on Kali Linux operating system.


Most articles you read online will give you hard to follow procedure but this is a straightforward guide and you will always get latest version of java on your distribution.

If you are on Kali Linux, make sure you have correct repositories in your sources.list file.You can find the correct way of doing that from my previous article Add repositories to Kali Linux.

Then after that:

1) Switch to root account or use sudo, with the first one you’ll enter the root password and with the second one you’ll enter your normal user account password.

sudo su -

2) Then update your system

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

3) Finally, install JAVA on Kali Linux

sudo apt install -y default-jdk

After java downloading and installing successfully, check your Java version:

$ java -version

Java Mastery courses:

Thanks for reading. feel free to drop a comment in case you encounter any error or problem.

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