If you keep getting an error message “_get_comp_words_by_ref: command not found” when you try bash completion for custom command with completion script, it means the bash-completion package is not installed. Tab completion feature is used to automatically complete commands or suggest options when you press Tab.

Fix _get_comp_words_by_ref: command not found

A fix for “_get_comp_words_by_ref: command not found” is to install bash-completion package. The commands to run varies from one Linux distribution to another, depending on the package management tool you use.

Install bash-completion on CentOS / RHEL:

sudo yum -y install bash-completion

Install bash-completion on Fedora:

sudo dnf -y install bash-completion

Install bash-completion on Ubuntu / Debian

sudo apt install bash-completion

Install bash-completion on macOS:

brew install bash-completion

After installing bash-completion on your system. Logout of current session:

$ logout

Login back and source your completion script.

$ source /path/to/completion/script

If source command has been added to ~/.bashrc file, then just run:

$ source ~/.bashrc

Now try using tab completion. See example below.

$ oc  <TAB>
adm              cancel-build     delete           extract          logout           plugin           replace          serviceaccounts  
annotate         cluster-info     describe         get              logs             policy           rollback         set              
api-resources    completion       diff             idle             new-app          port-forward     rollout          start-build      
api-versions     config           edit             image            new-build        process          rsh              status           
apply            convert          ex               import-image     new-project      project          rsync            tag              
attach           cp               exec             kustomize        observe          projects         run              version          
auth             create           explain          label            options          proxy            scale            wait             
autoscale        debug            expose           login            patch            registry         secrets          whoami       

I hope this guide helped you to fix “_get_comp_words_by_ref: command not found” error on your Linux / macOS terminal.

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