I stumbled upon one of the best Command Line JSON processing tools and Viewer, named fx. This tool is written in Node.js and distributed as a single binary without external dependencies. It is designed to give you a nice view and navigation of JSON files.

Features of fx JSON Viewer

To name a few, here are the core features of fx command line json processing tool.

  • It is easy to use
  • Distributed as standalone binary
  • You operate it in interactive mode
  • Has support for themes to give it a nice look
  • Bash completion support – more productivity
  • Fx has streaming support

Install fx from a standalone binary

The easiest installation method is from a standalone binary. Check the fx downloads page for available releases.

Download binary for Linux

wget https://github.com/antonmedv/fx/releases/download/14.0.1/fx-linux.zip
unzip fx-linux.zip
sudo mv fx-linux /usr/local/bin/fx

For Mac users, you can use Homebrew or binary.

wget https://github.com/antonmedv/fx/releases/download/14.0.1/fx-macos.zip
unzip fx-macos.zip
sudo mv fx-macos /usr/local/bin/fx

# Homebrew installation
$ brew install fx

Install fx using npm

If you choose to go with npm installation method, install Node.js on your system using our guide below.

Install Node.js on Linux / macOS

Thereafter, install fx using below command.

$ npm install -g fx

How to use fx JSON command line viewer

fx can work in two modes: cli and interactive. To start interactive mode pipe into fx any JSON:

$ curl ... | fx

You can also pass file argument as first parameter. fx will apply it and prints to stdout.

$ fx myfile.json

Click on fields to expand or collapse JSON tree, use mouse wheel to scroll view.

fx read json file

Read fx documentation to learn about all fx operation modes and see more examples which could work for your use case.

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