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Currently we are living in a world which is technologically advanced and developed. Technology is the first thing that is prioritised by the people and there are no reasons why you should not. Technology has made our lives easier and simpler and there is seldom any work which this thing can’t accomplish.

lenovo vs dell
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And technology has gifted us various instruments which have proved their importance every now and then. And one of such instruments is the laptop or computer. Well both have the same work to do but each has its different way. And these instruments have been very useful for us in almost every aspect be it shopping or contacting somebody or office work or calculations etc or what’s better than getting the best laptop for work and gaming?

But as always there are hundreds of brands which are available in the market, out of which Dell and Lenovo are ones. But then comes the question – which one is better? Let us see.

Here are the factors to look out for – 


This is the first thing that buyers see. And both these companies have a different price range.


 It is one of the most bought LSPs and PCs in the market. And it is for sure considered to be one of the toughest competitions to beat. Coming to the price, Dell has all the machines required to suit all applications and tasks. And since it has a lot to offer the price is maintained too. The Dell company offers its cheapest laptop at a price of $200 which isn’t much. And the highest one can range up to more than $2000! Well going on the specifications, the price is completely justified. 


Lenovo is one of the oldest manufacturers of these items and bring the oldest, it keeps its price under the affordable range. While the cheapest one comes at $200, you can see the most expensive one range up to just $1200. Now the reason is justified as well. Lenovo produces a significant number of models and it has a laptop in each category you want, be it gaming or notebook etc. Thus it has a variable yet affordable price range.


It is one of the must important factor to look out for as well!


Dell has some of the best designed laptops to offer. Yeah it is true that the company focuses more on the build and performance than the looks. So if you want some really good looking, out of the world laptops, then Dell is not for you.

Dell has a lot of different colour variants that Lenovo won’t offer. And some higher variants can have better drawings to show. However, don’t expect much of artwork from Dell!


It is true that this company has been in the market for a long time now, but they have not been able to come up with some better colour variants. Most of the laptops from Lenovo are either black or silver finished. But yeah you can expect some better artwork and designs as compared to Dell. It is your choice now.


This is perhaps the most important aspect to check out.


Dell is undoubtedly one of the biggest providers of the best components available in the market. Those who are the users of this company know it very well. Dell uses both Intel and AMD as processors. While the quad cores are fitted into the higher range and gaming ones, the low budget ones come with dual core processors. And the screen size offered by Dell is awesome as well. You can see both 11 inches and 17 inches laptops from the brand.

Coming to the graphics card, Dell opts for both the NVIDIA one as well as the AMD Ryzen series this making it big in the market. Battery life is prioritised as well.


Lenovo also has a good name in providing awesome components. While this company also goes in for Intel as the con choice, other options are rarely seen. The bigger options will offer you Intel 8th Gen i7 processor and the lower bigger ones come with either i3 or i5 as the options.

Then is the screen size, the company offers a variety of screen sizes but good in the tradition section. And it mostly offers NVIDIA GeForce graphics card and AMD is available mostly in the gaming ones. Battery life is awesome too.


Let’s look at this!


It is one of the biggest manufacturers of laptops and thus boasts of a good customer service as well. These customer service centres can be found in every nook and corner of the world. So when you got a problem, you can easily find out the spare parts. But the price and discounts depends upon your warranty period!


Being one of the oldest and most reliable producers of laid and PCs, Lenovo should offer good customer care services as a mandatory option. And it completely does that. As compared to Dell, you will find more Lenovo care centres. And most of the laptops offered by the company come with elongated warranty period!

These were a few points to check out while buying laptops of either Dell or Lenovo or any other laptop brands available in market that may deem fit for you. So what do you think which is better? Adios!

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