Basic Linux Terminal Shortcuts Cheat Sheet is here, this is not a comprehensive list but what’s contained here will help you a lot on a daily basis when working on Linux command line interface. Having Terminal shortcut keyboard keys combination in your mind is a real time saver.  There is a list of Windows Powershell Shortcut commands as well.

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Make sure your Linux OS is up to date. If you are running Kali Linux Make sure you have read Top Things to do after installing Kali and Top Things to do after installing Ubuntu.

Basic Linux Terminal Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

So here is a list of Basic Linux Terminal Shortcuts Cheat Sheet.
 CTRL+ U: Delete all contents to the left of the cursor
 CTRL+ D: Logout of the current session. It is similar to exit.
CTRL+L: Clear the terminal.
CTRL+ E: Cursor the end of line
CTRL + K: Delete right of the cursor
CTRL+W: Delete word on the left
CTRL+Y: Paste (after CTRL U, K or W)
TAB: auto-completion of file or command
CTRL+R: Reverse search history. Type to bring up recent commands.
!!: Repeat last typed command.
CTRL+Z: Stops current command and runs it in the background with bg or fg.
Arrow Up / Arrow Down: Move up and down history commands.
CTRL+C: Halts the current command.

Basic Terminal Navigation Commands. 
pwd: show working directory
du -h: show disk usage of folders in humanly readable format
man [command]: shows manual of specified command
man -k <command> : Search for command manual if available.
cd <folder name> : Change directory to one specified by folder name.
cd / : Go to root directory.
cd : Cd without any argument takes you to the home directory of current logged in user.
cd ~ : Go to the home directory of current logged in user.
ls -l <folder name> : List contents of a folder in long format with ownership.
ls -lh: Detailed list in human-readable format.

Lots of Linux How to Tutorials available.
Install Chromium in your Linux Distro.

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