Windows 10 was supposedly the last “update” to the windows a while back but it seems Microsoft decided it was for the greater good to release a new update for windows. And so we have the new Windows 11 update right around the corner and by the looks of it, W11 is going to be a blessing in disguise for the gamers.

Just like every other iteration, Microsoft has added a ton of new features to this update and apparently it is going to be a free update that will add on to the previous version of Windows. But the most interesting part about this new update is that it has numerous features that can enhance the gaming experience. 

Here is a list of all the exciting new features that we will be able to see in Windows 11.

Native Android App Support

If you have been hassling with all the emulators and whatnot just so you could use the android apps or games on your PC, those days are long gone as Windows 11 will come with native Android app support that will allow you to use android apps on your windows device.

However, instead of partnering up with Google, Microsoft has partnered up with Amazon, so we will have to use the Amazon store to look for our favorite android apps. That means, that you can play your favorite Android games right on your PC screen, if you want to skip all the grinding, you can grab yourself a CoC account to kick things off.

HDR Enabled

Another exciting feature that comes with Windows 11 is that the games will be able to use the HDR graphics mode instead of the usual SDR mode. Meaning the graphics will be a lot more appealing and the quality will be a lot better. If you’re a crazed graphics maniac, even if it means that your CSGO skins will even look more better in-game, this is the one for you.

However, the games that support DirectX11 or later will be able to use it and that too if your monitor allows it. You might already are familiar with this feature on Xbox. 

Direct Storage 

Now, without making it all complex, Windows 11 has introduced a feature called Direct Storage which will help your games to quickly store data directly onto your GPU without “bogging down” the CPU. 

In other words, the load time that we experience in games will become comparatively shorter, which is all we want, right? But the thing is, to use this feature you will need to have an SSD and a graphics card with directX 12 and shader model 6.0, meaning that it won’t probably work on most of your low end PCs unless we upgrade it.

Virtual Desktops

This might not be the most exciting feature but I personally like it as it makes it easier for someone like me who needs to keep his game streaming life away from working life. Now, with a single click I can change from farming WoW TBC Gold to a working guy.

I don’t know about you guys but I am literally quite excited about this new update. There are still a few more interesting features that are coming to Windows 11 but I will spare you some complicated topics.

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