Computers in several organizations have a windows operating system. However, many people do not know that they can have a better choice of an operating system other than windows as well as the same choice for the servers in their data centers. Well, if you are looking to make your business flourish such as, Ubuntu is the ideal operating system for you to use. This Linux-based OS concentrates on the ease of utilization, security, and simplicity. It is an ideal alternative to Apple’s OS X as well as Microsoft Windows. Your small business can enhance its performance while saving money. 

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Despite having excellent track records and impressive reputations, several small business owners are not familiar with Linux or Ubuntu. However, that should not be an issue as with time, they will get to identify and recognize the positive attributes of having this operating system for their enterprises. If you are of the small managers looking forward to understanding the significance of Ubuntu in your enterprise by asking, ‘How good is Ubuntu?’ below are some reasons that may help you out. 

Better performance and older hardware

In terms of hard drive storage, Ubuntu is not as heavy as OS X and Windows. Additionally, it has an outstanding performance in comparison to mainstream alternatives. This small size and better performance characteristics have crucial implications in your small business. First, on a new computer, Ubuntu will be faster. Additionally, it will perform same to or better than Windows. 

Second, these characteristics enable it to run well on old hardware. Many users find that old Windows machines that are incapable of supporting the attest versions of Windows run Ubuntu pretty well. Hence, this implies that small enterprises put off capital investments in new machines by using Ubuntu for business. 

You need not worry about viruses and other malware

The Ubuntu OS is free from Trojans, viruses, and any other malware that you can think of. The majority of Windows users have had to supplement virus protection suites to their systems from Kaspersky, Symantec, Sophos, and McAfee among others for several years. These important and effective software solutions cost quite much for a small enterprise on an annual basis. 

However, with Ubuntu, you do not need to ensure these heavy expenses. This OS has little virus activity. Before making any real adjustments to the OS or installing any software, you need to enter a password. Thus, this makes it hard for you to download malware. Furthermore, Ubuntu has an available firewall, in-built anti-virus protection, and anti-phishing protection.

Has a plethora of helpful, free-to-use software

Ubuntu has a plethora of useful and free-to-use software in its app store. This app store has been in existence long before that for Apple came along. Ubuntu has a lot of solutions that provide reasonable replacements for MS Office. These include audio and video editors, development tools, RSS readers, and graphics editors among others. They are available, free, and fast to download. 

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Keeps key windows software

The major challenge that many people fear of using Linux for small businesses is that familiar software will not be usable. This is rather wearisome and distressing for the key facets of creative software and proprietary business solutions. 

Though it is not the ideal solution, it may be possible to run some Windows software on Ubuntu using an open-source tool like WINE. 

Easy to use

The Ubuntu desktop is not only for uber-geeks and technophiles. The OS is clean and easier to use in contrast to its mainstream competition. Composing documents, accessing the internet, or working with spreadsheets will not be hard in Ubuntu as it is in Windows. Hence, if you want to provide college essay writing help to many students fast, consider switching from Windows or the OS you are using to Ubuntu. 


Microsoft offers restrictions on the number of customizations you do on its operating system. Windows 10 is the most customizable edition. However, it does not compare to the customization levels seen on Ubuntu. Individuals who have been able to use the older versions of Ubuntu are happy as it has an up-to-date appearance. This allows you to make as many customizations as you want thereby making it the ideal OS to use for your business. 

Live environment

Have you ever used Windows before? Well, if you are using it for the first time, remember that you need to install it on your computer beforehand. This can result in issues like data loss if later on, you feel that you do not want it. However, that is not the case with Ubuntu. 

Ubuntu is the best Linux for business as it allows you to burn the image or write it up to a CD or flash drive and boot it up direct from that media. This is a whole working version of the OS. So, you can try every aspect of this OS without having to install it on your computer. If you do not like it, consider rebooting your machine and you will get back to your previous OS without losing anything. 

It is free

Unlike Microsoft’s OS, Ubuntu is free. Not only does this enable you to save money on Windows license but also new hardware by forgoing Windows pre-installations. Before, Microsoft had free download offers for Windows 10. However, the opportunity window was partial and has expired. Even though there are some techniques for getting Windows 10 for free, they are partial. Ubuntu has been and will always be free. Hence, if you are looking forward to having your small writing business thrive and get to the levels of professional services like ResumeThatWorks, get Ubuntu for your computer. 

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In conclusion, when starting a business, the objective of many business owners and managers is to see their companies thrive and succeed. However, there are certain things that you need to include in the operations of your business for it to excel. For instance, several companies use computers in their day-to-day operations. Having a good operating system will not only inhibit data loss but also aid in better performance. But, you need to have an impressive operating system such as Ubuntu for your organization to thrive. Nevertheless, many people often ask, ‘Is Ubuntu a good operating system?’ Well, this is one of the best operating systems that you can use on your computer. It can bring several benefits to your organizations such as the ones in the above discussion. So, if you want your small business to excel, use Ubuntu. 

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