For those new to RHEL 8, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 includes version 4 of the yum utility. The backend of the Yum v4 is the DNF technology. Although the yum backend has changed in version 4, the typical command line options remain the same.

rhel 8 yum v4

Here is a short description of the new features of Yum v4 and how it compares to the DNF technology.

Yum v4 DNF Technology

  • DNF replaces YUM as the package management technology for RPM packages in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.
  • The DNF API enhances integration, and solves stability issues of the Yum v3 API.
  • Yum v4 includes the new functionality provided by DNF.
  • The recommended yum command is a link to dnf.

Enhancements in Yum v4

  • Supports modules that enable software AppStreams.
  • Now understands weak and boolean dependencies.
  • Provides a broader collection of plug-ins and add-on tooling.
  • Improves the performance of Yum , which is key for cloud, CI/CD, and container workloads.

We have a number of articles using dnf. If you want to see a complete list of RHEL 8 new features, see below guide:

RHEL 8 New features

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