Never disregard the importance of a decent website for the corporate bottom line. Today, any company must seek a solid online presence to stay in the market. Drupal 8 is a perfect tool to achieve the goal. If you are not familiar with it, it is time to discover the advantages.

Drupal Installation:

Install Drupal on Debian 10 (Buster) Linux

Install and Configure Drupal with Apache on CentOS 8

A well-designed and powerful website can boost sales and attract more customers. Drupal developers can offer a modern and easily scalable solution. Read about one of such companies called on and choose a service meeting your needs. So, what can Drupal give you?

1. Wider Geographic Coverage

Are you thinking of expanding your business overseas? Drupal has impressive capabilities with over a hundred languages supported. Harness the power of the written word to attract foreign customers. Adding new languages is effortless with the special built-in feature, and any piece of text is easily translatable. 

2. Improved SEO Rankings

SEO is a vital tool in the arsenal of any digital marketer. It allows boosting the visibility of your site and brings in traffic. The better your SEO, the more users see your website in their search results. With HTML5, search engines, including Google, will decipher the subject of your pages more easily. And HTML5 is exactly what Drupal 8 supports. 

3. Vast Mobile Audience

Mobile solutions form the core of Drupal’s whole philosophy. This content management system (CMS) can ensure flawless portable experience. With Drupal 8, the creation of fully responsive platforms is incredibly easy, with elements quickly adapting to each type of device screen. Businesses may also have native mobile apps developed based on Drupal 8.

3. Rapid Expansion of Customer Base

Your Drupal-based website will be flying quickly thanks to its cache-related features and the BigPipe. The latter eliminates the need for users to wait until the whole page loads. All the unaltered elements are immediately visible. 

4. Seamless Integration with Systems and Apps

Today, it is a must. Just think of all the smartphone apps, CRMs, and payment gateways. Your website has to communicate with third-party systems smoothly. Drupal 8 offers built-in solutions to hit the mark.

5. Exciting Interactivity

When combined with JavaScript frameworks, Drupal 8 is simply explosive. Your customers’ experience will be enriched with exceptional interactivity. 

6. Effortless Editing of Content

Any administrator is sure to appreciate the responsive interface. Inline editing no longer requires you to leave the page, images can be resized easily, and various media may be embedded and reused. There are also easily manageable layouts and blocks. 


7. Effortless Addition of New Features

This CMS has a forward-thinking architecture, which is designed to adapt to changes quickly. Fresh features will be deployed easily. Anything may now be exported or imported using files. 

8. Cheaper Upgrades

Now, your business will also spend less on upgrading its systems in terms of time and money. The nature of Drupal 8 allows incessant improvement, and backward compatibility is no issue. 

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