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It’s tempting to answer the title question quickly and decisively. No, there aren’t any advantages of no-app gaming. After all, the figures suggest that mobile applications are the way forward, with Statista reporting that mobile gaming is bigger than ever, and point to the fact that Google Play Games has almost 19 million monthly users as evidence.  

Plus, console giants, companies that have traditionally shunned the technology, are getting on board –Microsoft, for example, has released the xCloud for Android owners. However, this is only one part of the argument. If you look underneath the surface, you’ll see obstacles of app gaming that affect millions of peoples’ experiences.  

Apps Need Permissions  

Data protection is becoming increasingly important since the European Union decided to introduce GDPR to the rest of the world. How you take care of your information while gaming is essential if you don’t want unscrupulous platforms to take advantage. As Kaspersky says, applications do need some access to do their jobs.  

Frustratingly, it can be difficult to gauge what’s enough access and what’s too much, which can lead to an inferior gaming experience. The good news is that desktop and laptop sites only track cookies, which can be disabled if you follow this advice from Avast, which means your data is often more secure as there are fewer leaks. Apps, on the other hand, want as much info as possible.  

They Don’t Guarantee Success  

Applications are shiny tools businesses use to lure in customers. However, as a self-respecting gamer, you shouldn’t let yourself be fooled by fancy technology that might not enhance the user experience. After all, Venture Beat says that only 5% of apps released new content as far back as 2016, which is shocking. With apps stagnating, it’s imperative to opt for methods that will put you at the forefront of the game. The casino industry is a prime example of using different ways to provide a service or offering to customers in various ways to suit differing requirements. 

For example, many providers have mobile applications, others prefer to leverage web-based apps or mobile-responsive design principles. Take Fruit Kings, for instance, this is a case in point as the company preferred the latter, and it paid off. The brand offers slot games, table games, and jackpots, all without an app, and is still noted for its mobile-friendly design that’s accessible from numerous devices. It’s clear that not everyone wants to download an app, and that you don’t necessarily have to if the site is correctly optimized.   

The Operating System War   

Apple and Android have been competing out for over a decade, with both operating systems winning battles along the way. But the fact they are in constant competition doesn’t make it easy for gamers, not when they are often stuck in the middle.  

Think about the dispute between Apple and Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite. Several shots are being traded back and forth according to The Verge, including lawsuits relating to an antitrust complaint and App Store fees. Unless the outcome is settled amicably, the likely result will be that Epic’s titles are removed from the platform and gamers suffer the most. 

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With no-app gaming, there’s no reason to worry about OS and cold wars. All you require is a website and an internet connection, then you’re ready to play. That’s the number one advantage of playing games outside of mobile apps. 

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