5 Ways to Make Your Online Business Better

The Internet is entrenched in our lives, so online business has become as familiar as ordinary business activity. Today, you can work remotely without leaving your home. Also, people can do it from anywhere in the world without paying office rent and with a flexible work schedule.

According to the forecasts of Statista, the global e-commerce market will reach $4.9 trillion per year by the end of 2021. Similar facts can be seen in research reports from Digital Commerce 360. Online sales are growing by 3.5% per year. 

If this trend continues, then the e-commerce market volume will exceed the traditional retail volume by 2036. And now we will tell you how to adapt to it and how to be successful online. The best tips are waiting for you!

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Use Social Media

If you are thinking about how to have a successful online business without wasting time and money, use social media for promotion. At the moment, the world statistics show:

  • Facebook — 1.4 billion users
  • QZone (China) — 654 million users
  • LinkedIn — 332 million users
  • Instagram — 300 million users
  • Twitter — 284 million users

Do thorough research and define which network will help you grow your e-commerce business properly. For example, Pew Statis says that 17% of social media users check accounts every day. This way, Instagram is the showcase! It is a product visual idea that will always be in the potential client`s pocket. So, why don’t you give it a try, too?

Benefits of the social media business:

  1. Getting feedback and direct communication easily.
  2. Run contests that generate excitement among users. Reward the winners and they will advertise for you in their accounts.
  3. Any social network, even with paid advertising, is cheaper than a full-fledged PR campaign.

Besides, social networks provide targeted advertising. Ads are seen by people who are interested in your product.

Apply Content Marketing and SEO

Content marketing (CM) is a technique applied to the creation of valuable content. It will help the business owner to give the consumer as much useful information as possible:

  • The main product advantages
  • Product characteristics
  • Differences between the product and similar ones on the market

CM can create successful online businesses thanks to:

  • Traffic increasing
  • Brand awareness increasing
  • Product and brand positioning

The more popular a business becomes, the more likely other resources will share links to it. Thus, the audience will naturally grow. CM will work perfectly in tandem with another technique, SEO. It is an important part of any website because:

  • 93% of all traffic comes from search engines;
  • 75% of users never scroll down to the bottom of the first page of search results;
  • 60% of marketers consider SEO to be the top priority for the development strategy;
  • 34% is the average conversion of Google’s first-page sites. It means that 34 people out of 100 will purchase from the first-page site.

So, you should consider finding a top SEO manager if you are planning how to promote an e-commerce website.


Create the Perfect Visualization

The feature of online business is that consumers can’t see, touch, or evaluate the product. That is why the task is to present it as attractively as possible. And the correct visualization will help!

You can quickly create content with the products or services on the Fastreel portal. Several useful tools are presented there:

  1. Video Maker — to create an informative video clip about a specific service or show the process of creating a product.
  2. Slideshow Maker — for creating videos with product photos.
  3. Additional tools — for cropping, rotating, compressing, merging videos.

You can use ready-made templates to create the perfect product presentation. By the way, there are several facts in support of quality visual content:

  1. Scientists found out that the brain processes visual content 60 thousand times faster than text. 
  2. 93% of interactions are based on non-verbal communication. And this trend will continue to develop! 
  3. An infographic will convey the meaning of service perfectly. People who study text with images absorb information 84% better than those who only read.

Consider this when filling your online store with visual content. You don’t need a lot of text, but pictures and videos are very useful.

Create Customer Motivation

The question “How to market your e-commerce website?” continues to excite the minds of many business owners. However, it is enough to give the customer the motivation to return, and sales can grow. Ideas for rewarding clients:

  • Promo codes;
  • Discounts;
  • Cashback.

You can offer the client a free trial period (for tools or apps). It will allow them to appreciate all the advantages of the services provided. This approach increases the client’s trust in the developer. Typically, two-thirds of users buy an app after the trial period.

Other tips to motivate customers:

  1. Host events. 
  2. Free shipping. 
  3. Remember dates. 

Also, be sure to engrain the loyalty program. It will turn collecting points into an interesting quest.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

It is worth paying attention to the clients’ actions analysis. It is enough for a business owner to know what consumers are distracted by and what parameters are compared while shopping. To track what can increase sales, bosses should:

  • Test the basic functions of their website;
  • Visit landing pages;
  • Rate product cards;
  • Try using CTA buttons.

By improving these processes, it will be possible not to lose customers at the conversion funnel stages. An extra increase in CRO can be achieved by displaying:

  • Customer recalls;
  • A valid SSL certificate;
  • Trust signs.

Analyze the market and try all the online business tips! Thus, everyone can take a big step towards developing an online company. Visual content, CM, social media use, CRO, and customer motivation are the main techniques for improving the online business. So, don’t forget to apply them!

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