Until 10-15 years ago, mobile phones were mostly used for phone calls. The screens were small, the Internet slow and expensive, and the games were like Tetris and Snake. Everything has changed with the development of mobile technologies and the advent of high-speed Internet. Today, the phone is not only a means of communication but also a mobile office and entertainment area. People are increasingly using a smartphone instead of a computer. Viewing documents, writing emails, playing games, and watching videos — all this can be done on a smartphone. That is why it is not surprising that iGaming technology, or online gaming, has rapidly begun to develop.

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Mobile Games

According to analysts, 7 out of 10 smartphone users download games to their new phone immediately after purchase. Accordingly, developers are increasingly focusing on virtual iGaming. More money is being invested in this area, and this is where the most amazing discoveries appear. According to experts, mobile games have brought about 40% of the income to the online sector. For the success of a new game, it is crucial to provide comfortable playing from a smartphone.

  Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR and AR technologies are increasingly used for different purposes every year. Messenger chatbots, live dealers in online casinos, and augmented reality items are becoming commonplace. The VR graphics of online games are done in high resolution and at a much higher quality than conventional video games. Besides, VR is actively developing in various fields, and online gambling is not an exception. There are casinos where players can use a virtual headset to feel like a guest of a real casino. Key advantages of VR online casino:

  • The combination of online games and casino games in the VR format is a single fascinating experience;
  • The atmosphere of the casino affects the player through sound and visual elements;
  • Multiplayer games are also available simulating the real presence;
  • Personal settings of the player: avatar, name, music, etc.;
  • Ability to interact with other players;
  • Regular improvement and addition of new casino games;
  • Chat and voice features.

Besides, VR technologies are beginning to be actively used in the field of online shopping. Virtual assistants and fitting rooms online are becoming part of the process. Thanks to the efforts of world leaders in the industry of VR technology, bright and realistic mobile games are gradually becoming the norm.

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Mobile Online Casinos

In July 2017, Google announced that it planned to allow users from certain countries to download mobile applications with real money games. This caused a public resonance on the one hand, but at the same time revolutionized the field of online gambling. Today, users can download numerous mobile games and play both for real money and for free. If previously players preferred free gambling, such as games with no deposit bonuses, today more and more players opt for playing for small amounts of real money. Several factors contributed to such changes in player behavior:

1. The desire to play online for real money was facilitated by increasing the level of cybersecurity. Modern data security systems inspire confidence that user’s finances are safe.

2. The development of cryptocurrencies inspired most modern online casinos to introduce them as a payment method.

In Conclusion

As you can see, the iGaming industry is booming and gaining momentum. Online gaming companies are ready to invest in innovations. So the most interesting changes will take place in the nearest future. These expectations are also confirmed by forecasts of steady growth in revenues in the iGaming sector and increased competition between the developers.

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