Increased internet connectivity in the world comes from mobile phones. So, we cannot ignore the success these little gadgets have brought. They have also evolved to small computers that do much from calling to answering work emails.

One thing cellphones have made possible is the ability to track someone through them. GPS is the functionality we are aiming for here and other aspects such as Wi-Fi. You need to have the best mechanism, though, if you need seamless tracking.

That is why we want to talk about how to track someone’s phone using the best example in the market. Tracking is now easier, and you don’t need the user’s phone to do it.

Part 1: Spyic Tracking App – Track Online in Real-Time

It’s not always smooth when someone knows that you want to track them. So, Spyic offers you a way to follow that person without him or her knowing. It will use stealth mode to work in the background after setting it up on their phone.

Next, it uses an online dashboard to show you the real-time location. You can access it in your account anywhere using any device. The control panel works with all browsers, so you only need an internet connection to log in. capability has made Spyic to be recognized by millions of active users in more than 190 countries. New York Magazine and CNET have also gone ahead to write about it among other major news outlets. Now, how does Spyic make this possible?

How Spyic Tracks Phones While Hidden

It works on both Android and iOS devices without any rooting or jailbreaking. The inclusion of cutting edge technologies on it excludes the need for such developer tricks. In Android, Spyic requires one-time installation on the targeted phone.

It’s during the installation that you activate the stealth mode operation. In iOS, you don’t need any download or installation. The iCloud ID is enough to track the culprit’s iPhone on Spyic’s website after installation.

In both phone platforms, you view the results online after the setup. There, Spyic will have a plethora of features for you to play around with. For the location, it will be there on the phone’s summary. A better view is, however, rendered when you click the ‘Location’ link on the left.

There, you see the phone’s location and all the places it has been to. At times, you may want to restrict your target against going to certain places. Spyic has the Geofencing option for that. It allows you to set up the unwanted zones and an email to receive the alerts.

You can also track someone by phone number using Spyic’s SIM Card feature. It tells you all about the SIM card and the location too via a small map below the details. So, this is one app with several ways to track someone’s phone using both GPS and Wi-Fi.

To prevent unauthorized personnel, including the support team, from accessing your target’s location too, Spyic uses a non-saving data policy. This means it only syncs the information when you log in instead of storing it in its cloud.

So, do you want to test this fast and secure app? Follow the steps below.

Part 2: How to Start Tracking Someone’s Phone Using Spyic


  1. All targeted Androids should have OS version 4.0 and above. Get the phone to install Spyic once
  2. For iPhones, get the iCloud credentials. Spyic needs iOS 7.0 or later to work
  3. Reliable internet connection
  4. A valid email address

Steps to Start Tracking the Phone

Step 1: Sign up for an account on the Spyic website and choose the targeted phone’s OS. Next, choose your favorite tracking option and proceed to make the purchase. 2: You will immediately receive an email confirming your payment. In Android, you will also get a download link.

Step 3: For Android, use the sent link to install Spyic on the targeted phone. Make sure you activate stealth mode, finish the installation, and then log in to your account remotely. 4: For iOS, login to your account after the email and verify the phone’s iCloud login details. Next, select the device you need to track and wait for the syncing. 5: Once you re-access your account, the control panel will appear with features on the left menu. To track the phone, click on the location link to see the map. you want to impose restrictions, use the Geofencing specification. SIM Card tracking, click on the SIM Card option.

Part 3: Why is Spyic the Best Tracking App?

Many apps will compete to reach this level because of the following reasons:

  • Spyic tracks both Android and iOS without rooting or jailbreaking
  • The location is shown to you remotely and in real-time
  • It uses stealth mode to hide in Android. For iOS, it tracks via the iCloud. So, it’s never visible
  • The set up takes less than 5 minutes
  • Spyic does not drain the battery when fetching location information
  • You can uninstall it remotely via the online control panel

There are other features to benefit from once you acquire Spyic. Therefore, the price you pay for is for the whole package and not location tracking only.


It takes the best developing practices to come up with a tracking app like Spyic. It will never be seen by your target, and you will not need their phone when tracking. Since you the results in real-time, it is easy to follow up on the target’s progress.

It can use GPS or Wi-Fi to track the phone’s location. So, you can use either to tell where your spouse, colleague, kid, or employee is, depending on the connection.

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