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The parental control feature of the iPhone is not enough to monitor your kid’s activities. You can not do much beyond limiting their phone usage. Hence, you require a solution that works great with all your phone tracking purposes without complicating the process.

Today, you will go through the top 10 parental control apps for iPhone that can help you track the location of your kid’s device whenever you want. Additionally, you can check its messages, call logs, and much more with the same application. Click here to read the in-depth reviews of these applications.

So, let’s skip everything else and give you the full list of applications.


Minspy is one of the most effective phone monitoring solutions you will ever come across. It comes with advanced features that work without performing any jailbreak on your kid’s iPhone. You don’t even need any assistance to use this application as its installation guide will cover all the steps to use it.

The application offers multiple features to check their social media accounts, gallery, location, and call logs to ensure their safety from the online world. It is used by millions of parents to monitor their kid’s activities. That is the reason why it has got an excellent review from Forbes as well.


Spyier is a phone monitoring application that works like the application we discussed above. It offers some innovative features at a very affordable price. You won’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to monitor your kid’s activities right from your android device. It does not require you to install any application on any device.

Log in to your Spyier online account through any web browser and start monitoring your kid’s iPhone. Additionally, the setup process is easy and works for a non-technical person as well. It is equipped with a message reader that catches all the texts from the device and arrange it with the contacts as well.


Spyine is another excellent option to start your phone monitoring experience. The application is favored by millions of active parents to ensure their kid’s safety. It also offers a free demo to help you understand how it works and what features you can access on your kid’s device.

The website layout is simple and allows you to go through various features without any issue. Like Minspy, you don’t need to jailbreak any device to start using this application. All it takes is three easy steps, and you will be able to track your kid’s iPhone as long as you want. 


Here is the most promising application to monitor your kid’s activities. Spyic is personalized for the parental control feature and works exclusively for the parents. You can set up this parental control application and track the device remotely. The best thing is that your kid will never know that you are tracking their device for the data. Hence, you get unlimited access to the iPhone without any security issues.

You can start by creating a free account on its website. Then verify your kid’s iCloud credentials, and it will sync their device with your account. That’s it. You can start tracking their data as soon as you login back to your account. 


Neatspy is an advanced phone monitoring platform that works great for parents. You can use its keylogger feature to know everything your kid type on their iPhone. It records all the keystrokes and shows you the messages, texts, and passwords to help you monitor them remotely.

You can also check the accurate location of your kid with its location tracker. Additionally, you can use the SIM tracker if the GPS of their iPhone is not working at that moment. People over 190+ countries trust Neatspy as their first phone monitoring solution. Hence, you can use it without worrying about the data and security issues.


Spyzie works on a similar concept and helps parents track their kid’s device with minimum technical knowledge. Anyone can create an account on their website and set up the parental control application online. The application is completely web-based and does not ask you to install any application on the device.

It is also preferred by the employees to keep track of their employees. Spyzie helps them find out whether some of their employees are leaking their confidential data to other companies.


Cocospy is an excellent choice for parents looking for a complete phone tracking solution. It has a feature for all types of phone monitoring. Just set up the device and check all the features under the dashboard section. You will find social media spy, location tracker, and other message trackers.

Cocospy features a unique keylogger that works with iPhone as well. Hence, you can finally track all the messages and passwords of your kid’s device instantly.


Teensafe is another great platform to keep track of your kids. While being a phone monitoring platform, it acts as a parental control application to improve your phone tracking experience. You can know when your kid uses their phone or who they talk to on their device.

Additionally, the location tracker works great and provides some accurate results. You can also check the last visited places by your kid with the SIM tracker. With the in-built Teensafe stealth mode, you can target any device without disclosing your identity.


As the name suggests, FoneMonitor is an application that allows you to turn your phone into your kid’s monitoring device. The website has a clean and engaging interface that makes it easier to set up the application. You can always track their live location on this platform.

Like other phone monitoring apps, it is web-based and shows you all their data without even downloading an application on your device. You can check their website to know more about their advanced features.


ClickFree is an application that offers faster phone tracking services. Generally, these applications take a lot of time in verifying the device with the account. However, ClickFree is much faster and verify the device within a few minutes. Hence, you can start tracking the cell as soon as you connect it to its online platform.

It is a safe application and offers private keys to help you ensure the safety of your kid. Hence, you can count on this application to get a fast and secure method to track them.

Final Verdict- The Right Parental Control Application for iPhone

If you are looking for a complete parental control app, you can go for Minspy. Additionally, if you want a simple application, then Spyine is the app for you. There are many other solutions that you can consider.

All these applications offer a free demo and allow you to use the sample device to understand its features. 

You can support us by downloading this article as PDF from the Link below. Download the guide as PDF