Becoming an expert in a particular area requires a combination of skills. Moving one step at a time up the ladder by combining the courses required is what a personal learning path means. A good learning management system, for example, cloud academy, provides a customized course by choosing the option of programs or courses as per your requirement.

Why should one choose for creating their own learning path over an easily available ready-to-use course?

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  • It helps you create a more structured training program eliminating the not-required modules. It also facilitates you to control the order of the course in which it should be released and in fixing the timeframe in which the course should be completed. 
  • Information released in smaller bites increases learning retention. It also gives learners the option of choosing the pace and timing as per their convenience.
  • It keeps the learner on track ensuring they are working towards a larger goal. Bigger goals when broken into smaller chunks keep the learner engaged in a better manner without losing focus.

What are the points to consider while creating these learning paths:

Objective: As every training program must have its clear objective based on the final goal to be achieved, the learning path also must follow the same. A successful learning path is a blend of keeping the learning objective of the overall course and the needs and wants of the individual learner.

Control: Empowering the learner by giving them the feel and the option of incorporating their way of learning is the key to creating a successful learning path. Provide them the controlled option of choosing which module to take up next. Another way of doing it is by providing them the option of the way they would like their assessments to be, whether objective or subjective. Provide the feel that the learner is controlling their learning path.

Online Assessments: In addition to the regular and mandatory online assessments for the course, provide the learner with the tool in the form of quizzes or simulations to additionally assess their progress and knowledge. Build the confidence that the extra support would be required for these additional assessments, if and whenever needed.

Checklists: Provide the learner the way to ensure them that they are on track. Creating a periodic assessment calendar will help the learner stay up to date and on-track. For ease of use, you can use the project management online platform to keep them organized by providing them an automated report of their progress or provide a checklist at the homepage that includes both the mandatory and optional assessment options.

Learning Style: Every learner is different and the methods of easily grasping information will be different for each one of them. Facilitating the learner to choose the method of learning as per their ease should be in various modes of communications. In other words, the learner should have the option to choose between text, audio, visual, or a combination mode for ease of understanding the subject. This also will give them the sense of controlling their learning method and deciding on their own path to gain the maximum benefit out of the content.

Feedback: Providing the leverage of choosing their own path of learning is personal to every learner. Ensuring that learning is correct is equally important. Thus timely feedback will help the learner to correct their mistakes and saves them from imbibing incorrect information. Giving them constructive feedback will take them one step ahead by learning from their own mistakes which is considered to be the best of learning. 


E-Learning has widened the horizon of learning not only in terms of the ease of availability of content but also in terms of creating your own path of learning. Create your own path for learning by using the above-mentioned tips and reap the maximum benefit.

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