What we know today as video games started out in the early ’70s as a simple experiment that ended up giving us the grandfather of all games, Pong. The simplest emulation of the classic game of tennis created a medium that would go on to dominate the entertainment industry and become a modern staple that everyone enjoys.

While most of the gaming world revolved around either arcades or home consoles throughout most of the ’80s, the ’90s saw a huge rise in PC gaming. More and more people started owning personal computers and more and more companies started focusing on launching games for the platform.

Nowadays you couldn’t throw a stick without accidentally hitting a PC game, they’re practically everywhere. And the genres that these games fall under have only become more complex and diverse. 

Depending on your preferences you can definitely find a PC game that will consume tens of hours of your spare time. Here are some of the most popular genres of games and what type of setup your computer should have to best enjoy some of them.

Real-Time Strategy

This is the father of one of the more popular genres of games today, MOBA’s (DOTA 2, LoL). The main focus of these games is generally to gather resources, build armies and destroy your enemies. Obviously, all of these elements have been tweaked and changed over the years offering more unique experiences to dedicated gamers.

If you fancy yourself a master tactician these are definitely the types of games that you would enjoy immensely. Nothing is better than steamrolling your enemies with an unbeatable army that you crafted yourself.

When it comes to your computer setup, strategy games don’t have many hardware requirements. You would be fine playing them even on a laptop as long as you have a gaming mouse and a decent USB keyboard. You might want to not use the laptop’s keyboard given that keypresses can make a huge difference in the heat of battle.

Some of the most popular series of games in this genre: Starcraft, Total War, Company of Heroes, Supreme Commander, Command, and Conquer.

First Person Shooters

This is the genre that was pretty much brought to the forefront of the industry by the likes of Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. While at first gamers were skeptical of this genre (mostly because of technical limitations), nowadays FPS games are clearly the biggest moneymakers.

Whether inspired by real events or completely fictional, there is something for all tastes in this genre. You could be advancing alongside your comrades in a World War 2 campaign or shooting horrible aliens while screaming in fear. The decision is entirely up to you.

As far as your computer setup goes, modern FPS games can be some of the most hardware-intensive games out there. You will definitely need a rig focused on performance if you want to achieve a smooth experience in the highest settings.

Some of the biggest names in this genre: Doom, Quake, Call of Duty, Overwatch, Team Fortress, Bioshock, Halo.

Role-Playing Games

Shortened to RPG, this genre of games has had an immense impact on the entire industry over the past 20 years. Almost all modern games have mechanics that are inspired by RPG’s such as skills or progression systems, and so on. 

The main focus of this type of game is giving the player full control over his character and his actions in various settings. While the genre was mostly created around fantasy worlds, modern RPG games have explored pretty much any setting that you could imagine. 

If you like gaming experiences where you have full control over the creation and fate of your character, RPGs are right up your alley. Whether you want to control a raging barbarian that swings double-headed axes or a spell caster that shoots fireballs out of his fingertips, the choice is yours.

When considering your computer setup, keep in mind that newer RPGs can demand a lot of hardware capabilities, especially open-world ones. For the best experience, you should focus on getting a capable graphics card and maybe an SSD to shorten those loading times.

Some of the biggest names in this genre are as follows: Baldur’s Gate, Gothic, Mass Effect, The Witcher, Dragon’s Age, Cyberpunk 2077.

Online Casino Games

And last but not least, we have online casino and their wide offering of games that you can enjoy with a simple mouse click. Online casinos have seen a huge increase in users in the past few years and this trend does not seem to be stopping.

There is a myriad of casino games that you can spend some quality time with. Depending on your preferences you will find a huge assortment of games that will keep you engaged for countless hours.

Regarding the computer specs that you will need for a full online casino experience, any modern PC will do the job. If you’re using a laptop you should definitely use a mouse instead of the built-in trackpad, given that accurately clicking is very important. 

Here is a list of some of the most popular online casino games that you can enjoy: Poker, Blackjack, Slot Machines, Baccarat.


If you are actively looking for a new hobby and you think gaming might be of interest, you can’t really go wrong with PC gaming. While consoles offer a few advantages, PCs offer the biggest and most varied library of games. We will be posting more articles on the same topics in future.

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