Visiting casinos is one of the most popular forms of entertainment on the planet right now and people have the option of visiting a land-based venue, playing online or on the go via mobile devices. One thing everyone has in common when it comes to casinos is they aim to enjoy themselves, and of course, to win. It is often highlighted how technology continues to be a positive influence in gaming. However, this same technology has been sometimes employed by unscrupulous casino fans in an effort to cheat their way to victory.

Take a look below at some of the interesting ways technology has had an influence in this area.

Card Counting

Card counting is a technique that has been around for many years to gain the advantage over a casino. This practice was introduced to the world by Edward Thorp and made more popular thanks to movies like Rain Man and 21. While card counting was a technique that didn’t, and in a way doesn’, require technology. There are now ways tech can help players learn card counting techniques to use in order to beat the casino. They now come in the form of apps for smartphones, with many of the proving very popular for both iOS and Android based devices.

Hidden Camera

Hidden cameras and earpieces are another way that gamblers have managed to cheat casinos over the years. People usually work in pairs or groups, with a person at a blackjack or baccarat table and accomplices nearby. The person at the table will be equipped with a hidden camera up their sleeve, which allows those nearby to see the cards in view, relaying the information back to the player to give them the upper hand so to speak. This technique has been primarily used in games of baccarat, but it is also said to be useful for blackjack too.

Remote Jackpotter

Slot machines are one of the all-time classic games to play at a casino, and even though many have advanced where technology is concerned, some of the older style machines remain in operation. The remote jackpotter looks very much like a key fob for a car alarm and it works by the user simply pushing the button. This sends a signal to the machine itself, which then proceeds to empty the slot machine or video poker machine it’s communicating with. With the remote being small, it was ideal for anyone to take into casinos in their pockets to evade being caught by security.

Laser Technology

Laser technology, would you believe it, has also been utilised over the years to cheat casinos. Used at the roulette wheel, laser scanners on smartphones were put to work to study the speed that the ball was moving at around the wheel. This data was then fed to a computer which was able to determine which of the numbers the ball is more likely to land on, resulting in big wins. With the calculations being made quickly, many punters have profited. It is quite strange though, that the actual technique known as “sector targeting”, hasn’t always been officially deemed cheating either.

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