The rapid advancement in technology particularly communication technologies made possible by the internet and smartphones are shaping trafficking by creating additional barriers to their investigation. In this article, we are going to consider how technologies can be used to detect, intervene, and prevent these crimes. 

We’ll also discuss how law enforcement agencies, private bodies, and states use information collected during the investigation process to prevent human trafficking. In recent years, there has been a growing interest to come up with new ways to use technology to prevent human trafficking and the smuggling of migrants. For instance, the use of technology by law enforcement agencies to spot traffickers and smugglers.

Technology is being deployed at the borders of most countries today like never before. This has not only influenced the ease of movement but also given law enforcement agencies a chance to fight smuggling by easily identifying smuggling indicators.

Technology and Combating human trafficking

Technology is also facilitating the recording, analysis, and storage of information that relates to victims of human trafficking. Bank records, flight bookings, and cash transactions also help in providing human trafficking information. Digital evidence enables investigators to build strong cases. It also helps in supporting the victims’ and witnesses’ accounts when giving evidence. In the absence of witnesses or victims, digital evidence can be used by prosecutors and law enforcement agencies to secure convictions. Citizens particularly college students can learn more about digital evidence and human trafficking at without having to spend a dime, also this service is useful for writing own essays about human trafficking. Students can get inspiration from free essay examples. Digital evidence makes it easier for investigators to avail exhibits seized from victims of trafficking, smuggled migrants, or suspects. Law enforcement investigations help in identifying and obtaining evidence that ultimately leads to the protection of victims and the persecution of traffickers. Here are some of the common ways that technology helps in fighting this crime.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the latest inventions in the world of technology. And it has proved itself over the years due to its limitless advantages. Apart from the fact that it can recognize and process huge amounts of data quickly, it can learn to process information without aid and point out patterns that are critical to helping in the prevention of crime.

For example, AI can recognize things that no human being can spot with their eyes thanks to historical and factual information. Apart from this, AI does more work than any human being could do in their life.

2. Analyzing data in the online sphere

While this might be similar to AI, it isn’t. Analyzing online data revolves around the use of popular and effective tools like Spotlight. As Forbes reports, this resource was developed by the Digital Defenders back in 2015. Since then, it has been used by the majority of people to analyze the online world for sexual advertisements. 

The aim is to gain insight into the marketing world and try to find the people responsible for posting them. Thanks to Spotlight, law enforcement authorities have managed to spend half of the time finding the perpetrators through their online posts.

3. Hotlines

One of the best technological tools that can prevent human trafficking is hotlines. While they haven’t been built to prevent human trafficking, they are available at all times. And this gives the victims of human trafficking a chance to discuss the traumas and problems caused by the events that happened in the past. This way, the information they provide may help as they get used to living with other people and trusting them. Also, any person can use free hotlines to report suspected cases of human trafficking

4. Platforms to report crime

While hotlines can be used to report crimes linked to human trafficking, this is not their main aim. Technology has enabled experts in this field to create a wide range of platforms that have been built to send anonymous tips about crimes connected to human trafficking. 

One of the best examples is the Cyber Tipline that was developed by the National Center of Missing Children in 1998. According to Forbes, since it was developed, it has been used more than four million times to report crime.

5. Identifying Images

Facial recognition and AI is usually used when it comes to fighting and preventing human trafficking. The technological software that is usually used to catch faces can be reprogrammed easily to reference faces of existing records or prior shots. This way, someone who has involved himself or herself can be easily recognized using different cameras. This enables law enforcement agencies to narrow their search to specific regions.


The majority of people today are active on social media. Law enforcement agencies and other organizations against human trafficking use social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to share information about human trafficking and the smuggling of migrants and other relevant stories. This enables them to connect not only with people in different parts of the world but also connect with organizations that have similar objectives. 

These organizations use platforms such as YouTube to educate people about human trafficking and migrant smuggling. For instance, the Polaris Project – an organization that fights and prevents human trafficking uses social media platforms to share videos that raise awareness and help victims of human trafficking. To prevent human trafficking, people need to know what it means and how they can help to prevent it. Human trafficking has negatively affected families for decades. However, as you’ve seen, this problem can be prevented by the technology.

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