Tech companies do background checks when hiring, just like most companies. All recruiters and hiring managers have their own screening process. What all these have in common is that they are critical in vetting out applicants and making sure the tech company hires the cream of the crop. You need to find applicants whose character, abilities, and skills all fit the values of the business, especially in the field of technology. 

Applicants with tech companies would do a search on checkpeople if they wanted to know what information was available about them online. However, they wouldn’t know the steps in the process even if they had this information. Read on to find out all about tech companies’ background check procedures. 

Education History

The first step is to verify the candidate’s education credentials. Most tech companies have very strict education requirements. A lot of job candidates embellish their resumes, including the education section. 

You often need to check if an individual really took the tech subjects and earned the certificates he claims to have. Most universities and colleges offer confirmation of attendance and completion of a specific course without violating data privacy laws. It’s crucial to confirm a candidate’s education history as a recruiter performing work background checks.

Employment Verification 

The most important part of the background check process is a candidate’s employment history for many human resource professionals. This is chiefly to make sure they provided accurate information about their work history. It is a tech company’s hiring manager’s responsibility to guarantee they are employing qualified people. 

Though an applicant may be honest about their titles, they might lie about the tasks and responsibilities that were associated with the position. If a hiring manager feels an applicant may be embellishing their work history, they will reach out to their previous employer. 

Civil Misconduct

Criminal history is checked separately from civil violation data, to which tech company recruiters will have access as well. Most pre-employment screenings incorporate a report that might reveal civil misconduct on the part of the candidate. This screening provides data on cases reviewed in a civil court of law. Such cases could include vandalism, civil theft, or a crime against a person rather than against the state. 

The report will show if someone was sued for civil misconduct. Employers can perform two civil violation check types: on the federal level and on the county level. In some cases, they will conduct just one type or none at all. 

Why would a tech company check for this? For the same reason any company would. This check gives them insight into the character of the person they are hiring. Obviously, any company would want to hire an upstanding individual.

Criminal Record

Tech company recruiters almost always run a criminal history background check. A clean record minimizes the employer’s liability if the employee commits an infraction while working for them. The company might or might not have access to criminal record details. It depends on the state. Details can include past sentences, charges, and arrests. 

Of course, there are limitations on how information obtained through this check can be used. The company cannot screen an applicant without his or her consent. If the results of the screening motivate the company to reject the applicant, they must give him or her a copy of the report and clarify the reason for elimination. 

Like all companies, tech companies are required to obey federal criminal background check laws and the laws of their state as they move through the employment screening process.

Reference Checks

Finally, reference checks are an often overlooked stage in the employment screening process. Recruiters expect the applicant’s references to provide a subjective view of them. Obviously, candidates will not list people who they don’t believe will vouch for their character and skills. Yet, the value of references is not diminished by this. 

Tech companies will check references to get outside opinions on the candidate’s work ethic, character, and talents. Reference checks can be essential in the screening process to make sure you’re hiring the best person for the job. 


Online people finders also help employers screen applicants. They will use all the resources available to them. By looking into a candidate’s employment history, they make sure they have the qualifications to be successful in the respective position. A civil violation and criminal history check limit their liability. To gain an understanding of character and work ethic, they will follow up on references.  

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