As every computer geek knows, technology has the potential to transform lives. Changing the way we eat, sleep, think, and feel, it has broadened our horizons and opened our eyes to a thousand new possibilities.

With an app for everything, life in 2020 has evolved beyond anything we might have imagined. We connect with our friends through a computer screen, order our shopping via an app, keep count of our calories through automatic uploads, and eat what an algorithm tells us to.

The way we work, too, has been transformed, not just in the office, but outside of it as well. With increased flexibility and an emphasis on home working, we have a sense of freedom and flexibility that was unparalleled before.

We also have the unique chance to change our lives and increase our earnings, for, if there’s one thing above all that technology has helped us to achieve, it’s an expansion of our opportunities. For those who want to do and be more, there are suddenly a thousand different ways to supplement your income online.

Here, we take a look at just a few of the many possibilities that are opening up.    

Online selling sites

online selling sites
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If there’s one thing that the average individual does an awful lot of in 2020, it’s shopping online. With access to more retailers than ever before, consumers only have to open up their internet browsers to order anything they might desire, no matter how niche or specialist their interests.

For those with a hobby they want to expand upon, this presents a golden opportunity for setting up a second business, and online selling sites are the simplest way to make this happen. Bringing your wares to millions of people via the world wide web, platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy can be utterly transformative.  

They take the amateur jewelry maker, needle-felt artist, or leatherworker, and share their products with an instant and enormous audience. This awards small businesses an unparalleled opportunity to grow, expand, and supplement their owner’s existing income stream.  

Blogs and content creation

One way to turn a hobby into a profitable venture is by setting up an online business. Another is by sharing your thoughts, feelings, and expert insights through blogs and other forms of content creation.

This is an avenue that many in 2020 are embracing, with top influencers commanding around $100,000 per Instagram or YouTube post. Even those with an achievable 10,000 followers can make a respectable sum, charging, on average, around $88 per collaboration.

This means that anyone with a sufficient degree of knowledge or talent in a certain niche can potentially supplement their income online thanks to social media and other sharing platforms.

Advisory and consultancy services

advisory consulting services
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Are you good at your job but not yet ready to branch out on your own? If so, you can use the internet as a springboard, advertising your advisory and consultancy services through a website of your creation. Platforms like Wix and WordPress are ideal for sharing your wares, with lots of great insights out there to help you improve your on-site performance.  

If you don’t have the time or inclination to take on a second job, this can be a great option, as you only have to accept the amount of work that’s right for you. That said, you can offer your input to a huge and global audience, by keeping your communications confined to either emails or video calls.

This way, you get to put your skills to use, but in a way that slots neatly around your existing employment.  

Robotic investing

If you’re looking for something less public, technology has plenty of other options for you. These include, for example, robotic investing. This is a form of automated online trading, which functions according to a computer program or algorithm. As explained by Top Online Forex Brokers, these robot forex tool are also known as Forex EAs and have become very popular.

There are many different variations on this tech existing on the internet, from automated forex trading to alternatives that specialize in shares, commodities, futures, and so on. Essentially, these allow you to invest with minimal knowledge of the financial markets but a maximal chance of success.

There are a number of ways to take advantage of this, from choosing options that will automatically trade on your behalf, through to using these algorithms in an advisory capacity, but ensuring that you have the power to make the final call. Whatever your individual preference, this is an avenue worth exploring for those who are time-poor but would still like to expand their income streams.    

Isn’t it time you started making your technology work for you?

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