The answer to this question can not be fully explained if you do not understand the services an email client offers. You will also have to have a good reason for downloading an email client for your computer.

In this digital age, there are many reasons for having a functional email. From using it to register on social media pages to sending and receiving official documents. Now is the best time to use an email client. There are webmail clients as well as desktop clients designed to aid you in managing the plethora of emails that you receive on a daily basis. From IncrediMail to Thunderbird, there are a lot of desktop clients that you can use. Some people prefer webmail clients while others prefer desktop clients. To know which one is best you need to read on.

Why You Should Use A Desktop Email Client

A desktop client will be your best email management tool if you have multiple email addresses with different domains. It is important if you are the type that enjoys reading, and responding to as many emails as possible from each of your email addresses. Having a desktop email client will save you the stress of having to log in and out of our email service providers.

A desktop client is also important for those that like to have access to their emails while offline. If you also need to backup your mails regularly, then a desktop email client is the most suitable for you. Some other reasons for using a desktop email client is if your email providers webmail client is non-existent, you like integration with apps like Dropbox, Cluodapp or any other tool, you use security features like digital signing, public key infrastructure or encryption and if you use advanced mail rules and filtering.

Why You Should Use a Webmail Client

If you require a single inbox for all your accounts and you do not have a lot of email accounts then this is the best client for you. Some people prefer web apps and web services than applications that you can download because they feel more secure keeping their mails on a web platform than on their computer. This set of people are the ones who require webmail clients.

Is IncrediMail the best Desktop Client?

There are a lot of desktop email clients that you can use, but IncrediMail is one of the best ones because of its multiple features. There is a really powerful and fast email search tool that will allow you to locate the email you are looking for from the thousands of emails you have. You can create contact groups, view your most popular contacts as well as set an image for each of your contacts with its advanced tools. 

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IncrediMail Free Download is available in reputable software sites like here. This desktop email client has a sleek user-interface and is very convenient to use. It allows you to block spam messages, phishing as well as fraud attempts. You can send messages with a new vibe with IncrediMail, as there is support for multiple stationary, emoticons and sound that comes integrated with this software. Even if you recently purchased a new computer and are worried about how to transfer the content of your mailbox from one computer to another, you can rest assured that IncrediMail has you covered. Managing various accounts from a single place make IncrediMail a good option for managing your different email accounts.

Are There Other Alternative Desktop Email Apart From IncrediMail?

There are dozens of email clients that you can choose from. Most of them offer you the same type of functionality as IncrediMail, while some others do not have as many features as IncrediMail does. The other way to manage your email is by using a webmail client as we have outlined. Some other credible software for managing your mail are Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Zimbra Desktop and Mailbird.


After reading through this post, you must be well aware of the reasons for using a desktop email client, as well as whether to choose a webmail client or a desktop client. Whichever one suits your convenience, you are guaranteed of precise management of your emails. However, if you prefer a desktop client to the webmail client, then you should opt for IncrediMail.

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