Technology has a far and wide spread of its tentacles. Today, the majority of students from all walks of life utilize technology for their educational pursuits. The applications market is full of tons of apps and services that guarantee to provide an excellent learning experience as well as boost a student’s productivity and diligence. Thus, instead of always relying on the library, class discussions, or private study sessions, you can use these apps and services to study better. Additionally, if you have too many academic writing tasks to work on, you need not worry about beating the deadlines as there are various essay writing services that you can ask help from. 

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As a student taking their courses online, you do not need to be on campus to study. With the help of these apps and services for students, you can do so anywhere and anytime you can. But not all applications and support services meet the high requirements. There are a lot of scammers on the market. Therefore, if you are concerned about how to choose the best coursework writing service, do not be lazy and read reviews on the Internet. After all, the level of your knowledge, as well as your grade in college, will depend on the quality of the service or learning application you choose. The school environment is full of distractions as students are moving from place to place, noise, and several ongoing activities. Also, at home, it may be difficult for you to read because of various interruptions such as the TV, your phone, or siblings. Hence, it is crucial to have some study apps to aid with the learning process. And lucky for you, this article strives to provide you with a list of the best apps for college students that you can use. 


Grammarly is one of the best useful apps for students as well as professionals. It helps out by highlighting all the grammatical mistakes, punctuation anomalies, and word choices in your writing or a text. This learning app is available in a browser extension form. And, you can utilize it across all the websites on the internet. 

It has a free version that is adequate for general users. This provides limitless proposals and works across all browsers. So, when going through your essay after writing, ensure you pass it through this app for better grades. 


Spotify is a music streaming app which does not have any direct relationship to academics. However, that does not imply that it is not good for studying. This app can provide you with helpful playlists such as binaural waves and alpha waves. Such music despite keeping you away from your studies for a while, they will aid in boosting your focus and concentration in an immense manner. It will be easy for you to read and comprehend your study material. So, visit any internet browser and get it. 


Planning and strategizing are some of the most fundamental parts of preparing for a test or exams. Instead of developing a study schedule that you find hard to follow, consider using this app. This tool allows you to make intuitive to-do lists as well as share them with your peers. Additionally, your professor or academic instructor can share the lesson plans and other documents that relate to your studies through this app. 

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Writefull is one of the most beneficial apps that you can use to manage your academic assignments with confidence. While you enjoy several perks from asking for writing help from paper services such as Essay Kitchen, you can also benefit in immense ways from using this app to work on your tasks. Writefull uses the Google Database to draw its power to construct itself using Web, Google Scholar, News, and Books. The ideal part of this service points out words that you use in an unnecessary manner in your writing. Additionally, it highlights all the phrases that are out of context. Visit the internet and get it for yourself. 


OneNote is a Microsoft service that many schools and academic institutions are using. Not only does it allow students to take down notes and manage them but it also enables them to brainstorm and collaborate on a new idea. As one of the best study apps for students, you can use the Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word to jot down notes. 

This app also encompasses other features like handwriting recognition, the ability to add screen clippings, and inserting custom charts. Also, you can add OneNote Class Notebooks to your list and enjoy the learning process. This will enable the professor to make custom notes, feedback forms, assignments, as well as grade you. Visit the Microsoft Store and download OneNote. 

Google Drive

Google Drive is a super useful app that you can use to store and share your notes via the cloud. It has a deep integration with Gmail and other Google apps that make it perfect. Another beneficial purpose that makes Google Drive one of the most useful apps students is that it allows you to collaborate with other students using slides, sheets, and docs. Moreover, it has a feature that enables you to team up with your classmates and read a presentation while in remote locations. 

Homework Manager

As the name suggests, this is an app that you can use to manage your heaps and tons of assignments as well as other study-related materials. This service is useful for studying in that it allows you to drop all your tasks and events and remind you of their due dates. Additionally, it enables you to keep track of the exam dates. It has a dashboard that provides three lists – Upcoming, Late, and Complete. 

Homework Manager has a free version that provides all the vital features such as reminding you of due dates, track assignments, and limitless sync. 

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Wolfram Alpha Research Tool

Research is one of the most tiresome parts of academic writing. And, if you are not food at finding information from credible and reliable sources, it will be hard for you to draft a perfect paper. But, that should not worry you. The Wolfram Alpha Research Tool is a computational research tool that boasts of a remarkable database. It deduces professional-level responses thereby making research rather easier. You can use this tool to learn something new or if you are in doubt. 


In conclusion, studying has been made easy and enjoyable thanks to the far widespread technology. With a variety of learning apps and tools that you can use to study and boost your grades, you need not worry about comprehending everything that your professor or academic instructor teaches in class. You can use these apps to gain a clear understanding of what you are reading as well as work on some of your tasks. So, if you are looking forward to enhancing your learning skills and thus your grades, consider the student applications and services above. 

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