Promotion Strategy on YouTube

YouTube is a social media platform that can do a lot for your business if you master it. It’s equally valuable if you’re an influencer and want to draw some attention to your products, services, and niche. 

However, you can’t just throw together some videos and hope for the best. You have to take a disciplined, measured approach to what content you create and how you present it.

Let’s look at a few strategies that should help you as you try to establish yourself on this platform better.

Know Your Viewers

The first thing to do is determine who is watching your videos and try to learn as much about them as possible. For instance, you’ll want to know things like:

  • Their age
  • Their gender
  • Their income level
  • Their ethnicities 

The more you’re able to learn about them, the better you can craft your videos to appeal to that particular segment of the population. After all, you wouldn’t make the same video for a suburban mom in her thirties as you would a retiree in her seventies. 

The Analytics Tab

You should use the Analytics tab to look at stats that relate to your channel. In the early going, you’ll be spending a lot of time there. 

You’ll look at things like the interaction rate, revenue generated, average watch time, and organic view count. You can also see subscriber demographic info there.

You’re trying to answer the following questions:

  • When are people viewing your videos?
  • What devices do they use to view them?

You will use this data when you make further videos. If you know that your watchers commonly interact with your video offerings on their smartphones on weekday evenings, then you might launch your new videos at that time and on those particular days of the week.

At the end of each new video, you should mention when your followers can expect the next one.

Artificially Inflate Your Engagement Numbers

At the same time, there’s a clever tactic you might use to inflate your engagement numbers artificially. 

Engagement on YouTube comes in the form of comments, likes, views, and followers. You need all of those things, and you need them as quickly as possible. Getting them organically is possible, but that’s difficult when you’re new to the platform, and no one knows about you yet.

There are online companies that allow you to gain more views when you buy engagement packages from them. You can buy fans, likes, views, or comments. 

When you do, that sends the signal to people browsing in your niche on YT that yours is a popular channel. They will stick around to watch your offerings, and if they like what they see, they will become fans and start following you.

This is a common practice that many companies do when they’re getting started on social media. It’s not illegal or unethical, and if you have the money in your marketing budget, it’s also quite inexpensive.

Create a Sales Funnel

When you’re trying to establish your company, you also need as many marketing avenues as possible for your brand, all working together. When they work in concert with one another, that is called a sales funnel.

Think of it this way. It all starts with your business website. You can create one yourself using WordPress or Wix or hire a web designer to do it for you. 

At the same time, you select what social media platforms you want to use. That depends on where your target audience is spending their time. In addition to YouTube, you might elect to use:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

There are many others worth considering. Once you create accounts on all of the ones you intend to use, you should start linking them to one another. 

The idea is that you’re using different aspects of your sales funnel to promote the other parts. On Twitter, you can mention that you have a new video coming out on YouTube. You can say when it will debut, and touch on what it will be about. 

You should do the same thing on your website. This way, any time that someone enters your sales funnel by checking out your site or one of your social media accounts, they can’t help but learn about the rest of your network.

This should eventually lead to sales, as your followers start to trust you. Ultimately, you’re looking for brand recognition.

Keywords for Promotion

Keywords for promotion

Another great way to promote your YT videos is through your keyword choices. This relates to your video titles and descriptions. 

You can’t just write anything in terms of titles and descriptions and hope that it will appeal to your audience. You have to look at the keywords for which people search in your niche. The Analytics tab will help you again here.

You can also use the Google Ads Keyword Planner. Use it to Google some options for which you think your fans will be looking. Then, scan the SERP for each potential keyword and see how popular it is. 

If it’s very popular, you know that you have to incorporate it to attract as many new viewers as possible. You can also use words in your titles like “Tutorial” or “How To.” 

People who are trying to learn how to do something will respond to that. These are always some of the most popular video types, so you’ll want to make some of those.

Don’t Use Rambling Titles

As you’re trying to determine what title will get the most people to watch your videos, you should remember to keep things short and sweet. Your title should be about 60 characters or less. Any more than that will only confuse your potential watchers.

You should also keep the most vital keywords in the first half of the title. You want the YT search engine to be able to find them easily. 

Also, you want engaging titles, but they should not sound like clickbait. You want to create an emotional reaction with a title or have one that makes it obvious what the benefit of watching is. 

If you can’t come up with a title based on these tips, you can also use the Autocomplete feature. You can start with a topic or theme, and then YT will make some suggestions. 

Remember that no matter how you promote your videos, such as promoting your videos through the best press release distribution service, if they’re not high-quality and they don’t contain useful information, you’re not going to become a trusted source on this platform.

Make sure that every video you put out further cements your reputation as a fun yet informative brand.

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