The tough year of 2020 is gradually approaching its end. It wasn’t easy for all of us. Nevertheless, the Internet already predicts 2021 to be at least equally severe and challenging. 

Fortunately, it seems to be less challenging for certain categories of programmers. The demand for qualified coders is growing in general, but you will find top languages to start learning in the upcoming year below. 2021 is already nearby, so prepare in advance:

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  • Find time to study if you are an experienced coder.
  • Choose your programming focus point for the nearest 10 to 12 months. 

Please note that this article is not a ranking of popularity. There are no first and last positions of a race. Nowadays, the programming language pick depends on every particular development field. That is why frequency and functional diversity are the main attributes to concentrate on while considering your next language. 

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So, here are the top programming languages to learn in 2021.


Python goes on holding its ground as the top-caliber language almost obligatory for every contemporary coder. Simple learning, structured coding, cleanness, and comfortability make it a solid choice to create an excellent app from scratch. 

Actually, any desktop or web application can be created with Python: 

  • apps based on GUI; 
  • machine-learning solutions;
  • data science nods; 
  • net server solutions;
  • and so on. 

The additional huge plus of this programming language is the massive support it is stably gaining from community members. Open-source frameworks, modules, and libraries make developing another cool thing with Python as easy as breathing.  

Despite the fact that this language is staying in business for long by now, learning it in 2021 opens solid perspectives for you in both full-time employment and freelancing initiatives. With Python, you’ll definitely grow as a specialist much faster. 

Books List: Best Books for Learning Python Programming


Being a Google development project since the distant year of 2007, Go was designed to make a web app and API creation simpler. Within recent years, the growth of Go has been stably remaining among the most noticeable programming languages’ expansions.

What’s the killer feature that makes Go so great? It’s the language’s simplicity. With Go, a developer can create an effective piece of code in a couple of days. Additionally, there is a built-in Garbage Collector module making memory management not the developer’s business. 

Go can be called a Pareto rule embodiment: it takes 20% of a developer’s time to complete the code, and then they can devote the remaining 80% to support it. Isn’t that cool?

Books List: Best Go Programming Books for Beginners and Experts


Created by JetBrains, Kotlin was their attempt to assemble something “better than Java.” A lot of professional community members state the developers reached their top target. 

The development of Android apps becomes much more comfortable and quicker due to one single fact: Kotlin and Java can interoperate smoothly and seamlessly. The developers of Kotlin made it address the focus weaknesses of Java, and this was noticed by devs who remade some of their Java-based applications in the new language. The mighty support of toolkits is another reason for devs to migrate to Kotlin. 

In turn, this makes Google boost Kotlin more than they do promote Java. This means the Android app developers will soon have the newcomer as one of their main instruments. If you want to have a huge competitive advantage on the Android dev market shortly, learning how to code with Kotlin should definitely be among your premier goals. 

Best Books To Learn Kotlin Programming


Java turned 24 in 2020. Server-side app devs have been loving it all time long. Those focusing on Android app development should not forget about Java in any case because it is the perfect solution to create multi-functional apps and entire platforms. 

Java is oriented towards objects. It can last without special hardware nods built to support it, easy to maintain and manage. Additionally, it is well secured. 

Another advantage is in its relative simplicity, especially when compared with other giants like C or C++.

The fact that Java exists for almost 25 years, its impressive stability is the key for this language to remain on top in 2021 and beyond. Nobody ignores Java. And you shouldn’t do that unless you don’t plan to develop your programming career to new heights. 

Books list: Best Books for Learning Java Programming

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