Safety should be a paramount concern for anyone looking to carry out a financial transaction online, since the threats are significant and you want to make sure the service you use is as reliable as possible.

This is especially true in the context of depositing cash with an online casino operator, which is why PayPal has become the platform of choice for many fans of web-powered gambling services.

Well known for its rigorous and reliable approach to security, PayPal is sometimes more popular than traditional payment cards for online casino-related use. So does it deserve its reputation for safety or are there other options that outdo it today?

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Perks of depositing with PayPal

Since it was established over two decades ago, PayPal has risen to be a leader in the world of online payments, initially as a subsidiary of online auction site eBay and more recently as its own entity.

A quick look at the best US PayPal casino sites on will reveal just how many mainstream operators, including MGM, Bet365 and Caesars, all trust this firm to handle cash deposits from customers.

In terms of security, PayPal is undeniably thorough in its efforts to prevent fraud and protect its users from exploitation. Transactions are encrypted and monitored around the clock, both by automated algorithms and by human specialists.

It is also possible to request chargebacks via PayPal, for example in the event that you believe a transaction to have been fraudulently carried out. Reporting suspicious activity is also a breeze and the responsive, wide-ranging customer services options at your disposal should give you peace of mind.

Potential issues

The popularity of PayPal is both a blessing and a curse, as while it may be accepted at many casinos, e-commerce sites and other online establishments, its brand is also regularly leveraged by cybercriminals.

International phishing scams targeting PayPal customers are an ever-present issue, and it is often difficult to detect the difference between a legitimate email from the firm and one which has been sent by malicious third parties.

This of course is not a problem directly linked to depositing cash on casino sites, but it is nevertheless worth keeping in mind.


PayPal is far from the only payment platform on the block today, with a number of key competitors having emerged in the years since it entered the fray.

One of the main rivals is Skrill, a platform that shares many of the same features and advantages as PayPal, as well as being increasingly widely adopted as a deposit option for online casino customers. Its security is assured thanks to multi-factor authentication which can be enabled to prevent any unauthorized users accessing your cash or making payments from your account, as you would expect.

Neteller, which is owned by the same parent firm as Skrill, has also risen to prominence thanks to its security and flexibility. It is not just suitable for making online transactions on sites like those run by casino brands, but also for transferring cash to friends, family members and anyone else you might need to. Indeed at one point Neteller was responsible for handling the vast majority of transactions related to online gambling, although the bad news is that it no longer operates domestically in the US.


When deciding whether to use PayPal or its competing online payments platforms to send cash to an online casino site, it is important to look not only at the safety of the service in question, but also at the reputation of the gambling operator.

Security issues can arise from poorly organized or willfully unsecure sites being used by innocent customers who do not realize that they are about to deposit funds with a less than scrupulous online casino.

For this reason you always need to do your research carefully and make sure that everything is above board before going ahead with a transaction. PayPal itself takes an active role in assessing and approving the handful of operators that have officially received licenses to run casino websites in the USA, so you can quickly tell whether approval has been gleaned and security can be assured.

Conversely if the site in question is not well known, does not explicitly boast the approval of PayPal or any other payment provider, or in any way appears to be less than meticulous in its approach to safety and website security, it is better to hold onto your cash and look elsewhere for your secure online entertainment.

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