Fancy learning what Europeans are up to on the Internet? We’ve come up with some interesting information about their favorite online activities

Regardless of how awkward the baby-boomers and millennials might find it, but it is nowadays more relevant to talk about online trends than the things that are trending in people’s real lives. Nonetheless, today’s Europeans are quite prone to opt for online communication because it is convenient and the COVID-19 pandemic has finalized the process of rendering it as an integral part of human lives. Nonetheless, the Europeans’ online lives do not boil down to communication, as online entertainment has also become an important component of their leisure activities. Put bluntly, there is a lot of things that Europeans do on the Internet to entertain themselves, and today, we are going to talk about just that. 

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Online Gambling

Have you heard how many folks were left unemployed during the coronavirus pandemic? Well, we won’t even bother bringing up the statistics, as the indexes are simply petrifying. Yet, the ultimate truth is that thousands if not millions were left at the bottom of the ladder. With movement and travel restrictions, people were left with almost no hope of survival, and playing at a £10 free no deposit mobile casino turned out to be a viable solution to their issues, as many have managed to win some real money and make it through the darkest of times. Still, checking informational websites is important in order to make the experience of playing with no deposit bonuses not only fun but profitable.

Today’s online casinos are full of games that are incredibly interesting to play. In accordance with the latest Eurobarometer survey, which they conducted for the European Commission, 40% of Europeans use the Internet for entertainment purposes, including online gambling. What is more, we can observe progressive statistics, as in 2018, 23% of EU gambling activity was online – up from 21% in 2017 – with smartphone use increasing to 43% of all online bets – up from 39% in 2017. Therefore, it becomes crystal clear to perceive that online gambling is gradually becoming Europeans’ all-times favourite. 

Mobile Games

Besides online gambling, Europeans are also quite invested into playing mobile games coming in a number of genres. Shooters, strategies, co-op games, intellectual riddles, etc. – there is a great selection of gaming apps on both App Store and Google Play, as the need for having fun is yet one of the major requirements people can have. Yet, the thing that still lets online casinos prevail over online games is that you can play slots for real money without downloading any specially-designated software. Hence, everything it takes to play for real cash is a smartphone, an Internet browser, and a Wi-Fi connection.

Online Cinemas

We all know about Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV, and other streaming services, right? Well, over the course of the last couple of years, even those who have never heard of them have surely gotten to learn about the benefits of binge-watching. Lots of people thought that online streaming services were nothing else but a hoax where you pay for dozens of content you don’t need, while it all turned out to be vice versa. Just like in an online casino, you don’t actually have to pay, as there is a whole range of pleasant things, earnings, and rewards that come for free. You can explore every service for free, watch lots of interesting movies absolutely free of charge and then pay only when you are one hundred percent sure that this investment is to bring some massive return.

Let’s Sum It Up

It seems like mentioning social media on the list of Europeans’ favourite online entertainment methods is odd, as we all know that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. have already entered our lives once and forever. Yet, the things that we spoke about today are rather proactive, as they let people earn money, experience new things, and have some real fun. Still, out of the three, it looks like online gambling hits the charts real high, as it hosts all those benefits in one place. It is fun, instructive, and lucrative. There is nothing to wonder here why more and more Europeans embark upon online gambling, as it impacts their lives in the most positive of manners.

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