The importance of having a VPN in the 21st century is no longer a disputable question. Protecting your connection to the Internet has already become one of the most discussed topics in the world. The more we use the Internet whenever we go, the higher the request for online privacy is. It is hard to find a person who is not aware of the fact that his or her data can be spied, tracked, or intercepted online.

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The main question today is not about having a top vpn service or using a virtual private network for your home Internet as well. It is more about the importance of having a VPN installed on every device connected to the Internet. Many users don’t see a necessity in having a VPN both on mobiles and computers. They pick either a PC or a mobile phone, not realizing how one unprotected device can easily risk all of the data they own.

So, let’s talk about how VPNs on computers and mobiles are connected and how the absence of a virtual private network on one of the gadgets can risk your private and business data even right now.

VPN for Computers and Mobiles

Putting maximum effort to keep your data secure isn’t enough if you do it on one of your devices only. Even if you realize things to consider when selecting an effective VPN, it means nothing for your online privacy if it is done for one of the devices only. Why?

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  • Like many other people, you probably have a smartphone that is connected to a PC or a laptop. You can easily reach the data you have on a smartphone through your home computer or laptop you take on the trips or every time you go to a coffee house. In other words, you reach the data you store on a cloud from different devices. A hacker or a cybercriminal can scan and track that information too if you use at least one of the devices without encryption on a public network.
  • If you one of those who prefer having a VPN on computers only, think about those activities you do throughout the day on the smartphone – online shopping, answering business emails, sharing private data with friends, posting photographs on Facebook and Instagram, bank operations, etc. Communication is not the only reason we buy smartphones. Nowadays, they are tiny computers that are used on public networks much more than laptops and tablets. Having a smartphone without a VPN is a conscious risk for any data you store on a gadget directly and on the cloud shared with other devices as well.


Taking back your privacy by having a VPN on all of your devices is making your browsing habits and personal data 100% anonymous online. Don’t believe it? Install one and become more experienced with the best online privacy protection tool in the US. Don’t allow other people to monitor your online behavior and store your data.

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