Technology is developing at a frantic pace and sometimes seem that today’s cutting-edge inventions can become obsolete tomorrow in the evening. We feel the presence of technology at every corner. It makes our lives easier. We use it at home, at work, while studying or doing sports, when we need to carry out some administrative procedures or book our holidays. Technology saves lives with innovative medical developments; with modern equipment, people have access to fresh water and food. Technology saves our time and space, and now we can process a lot of information by using different gadgets and save tons of information in cloud storage. We even haven’t mentioned the latest advances in space exploration, creating engines that run on renewable fuels, and plans to launch a spaceship to Mars

No wonder that many young people strive to become part of and contribute to the rapid development of our civilization advances. It means hard work, patience, and continuously keeping abreast of discoveries on the scientific field. Tech students are those fortunate who can change the world, meanwhile facing challenges of unknown and broadening horizons of undiscovered. We are aware of how difficult it is to make a tech career, that’s why our specialists created a list of useful and must-follow tech blogs of 2021 to be up-to-date with the latest advances in the field.

Let’s start:

1. First and foremost, we advise you to start following Techmeme.  A blog form San Francisco, California, the USA that keeps you informed on essential tech news, provides commentaries and opinions of technology leaders and offers the schedule of the upcoming tech events. We must underline the unbiased look and in-depth analysis of the exposed information. 

2. TechCrunch. Another thought-provoking platform from San Francisco that profiles companies and their products, projects, and events called to define and transform the new web and get together the community of like-minded people. 

3. MIT Technology Review from Cambridge, Massachusetts, offers conversations about technologies and their impact on the world and society. Among the main topics are artificial intelligence, biotechnology, blockchain, climate change, space, smart cities, and even US elections 2020. Invited specialists share ideas and opinions about advances that matter. Founded back in 1899 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT Technology Review equips its audience with knowledge about technology. It is considered one of the best educational resources for students, and if you want to spend more time on a self-learning, consider using a professional essaywritingservice.

4. ReadWrite, another Californian technology-oriented page that is covering the issues of web design and development, technology trends, recent apps, main tendencies of social networking, and media. This blog offers entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to encounter investors or receive valuable advice on essential topics. 

5. CakeHR Blog. The perfect solution for those who are looking for first work experience. This platform focuses on recruitment management worldwide and provides must-know insights to obtain the work or internship of a dream in the tech industry. There are plenty of practical recommendations for both employers and employees concerning productivity, selection process, team-building, and time management—an excellent opportunity to become involved in like-minded colleagues’ environment.

6. PROS. One more Californian based must-follow blog specializes in online marketing and its automation, social media, and e-commerce solutions. Etc. Either you want to launch a start-up, looking for an internship, or are eager for new knowledge about the recent advances in the technology field, this blog is the right option. Experts from all over the share reviews and comments on the advantages and disadvantages of recently released software, applications, and solutions for real estate, fashion, marketplace, high tech, etc.

7. The Vergecast is a weekly podcast that offers a well-balanced summary of the latest news of technology and gadgets. You will find valuable information and reviews about cutting edge gadgets with detailed step-by-step usage guide, tips for hidden features to add power or storage, etc. Another bonus for those who are interested in the outrageous ideas of Elon Musk. You will be pleasantly surprised to see various columns dedicated to his investigations and projects with insightful information. 

8. Engadget. If you are keen on innovations and get inspiration while reading about extraordinary ideas, we have a page that will shape your world—latest reviews from the tech forums, bravest ideas of young scientists, experts’ opinions on intricate subjects. You can find verified information and practical advice about different tech products with real customer reviews and recommendations. 

9. VentureBeat. A community created with a purpose to familiarise entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts with technological advances and guide them towards making reasonable and smart decisions. Practical tips for those who start to run start-ups, hidden features to improve existing business strategy in high- and fin-tech. News about upcoming presentations of gadgets, software, apps supported by professional expert opinion. 

10. The Wonder of Tech. This one is not an ordinary blog that offers a funny and unusual view on rapid technology advances. Here you will find unknown tips to make your user experience safer and more pleasant. Naturally, nobody will get bored reading about optimizing your gadgets for better performance. Unique personal touch gives charm to this high-tech platform. Follow it!

We hope that you enjoyed reading our recommendation list of blogs to follow in 2021. Be well-informed and make your most daring dreams become a reality. 

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