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Telegram bots are something that makes your life much easier. Instead of using separate apps for reading news, ordering food, and looking for best travel deals, you can use chatbots in a single interface of Telegram. Quite handy, doesn’t it? 

Yet today, we won’t talk about the handiness of bots we already got used to. Instead, we will explore the unknown world of the bots you might never hear of if you didn’t stumble upon this article! 

1. Döner Hunt Bot

Ever found yourself in an unfamiliar area of the city (or even abroad) desperately hungry and too busy to settle down? I bet that it’s a common case for all of us, and the first thing that comes to mind is to look for a nearby street food spot. And who is the king of street foods? Right, a doner kebab rolled in lavash. Fast to prepare, no cutlery needed, can be gulped outside. 

So, most of us seek doners on the street while hungry and busy. Or, their vegan and vegetarian analogs made of popular meat substitutes or falafel. Sometimes, it’s not that easy and takes a lot of time to locate the doner spot open now. In this case, Doner Hunt Telegram bot comes to the rescue. 

Here, you share your current location and the bot instantly shows you doner spots within a 300-meter radius around you. That’s pretty much all the functionality, but how life-saving it is! 

2. Telegram Casino Bot

About a year ago, I suddenly came across the piece talking about such phenomena as Telegram casinos. These sound like Telegram-based applications where you can play some games and win money while gambling on them. 

However, so-called Telegram casinos are not exactly full-fledged casinos by nature. They are Telegram bots that use one of the numerous online casinos as a basis for their operations. The casino must adjust code on the back end to integrate the bot with its games, interface, and user accounts. The user can place bets, deposit money, and withdraw winnings using the bot, which is convenient on-the-go. 

Fun fact: some bots offer great online slot machines functionality using just the means of Telegram. Enthusiasts decided to display slot fruit symbols using emojis, highlighting the winning lines as well. 

3. Dating/Anonymous Chatting Bot

For those who got tired of Tinder and Badoo, Telegram has something different. Based on “people nearby” functionality, most dating bots find users interested in dating near you and offer you to rate them. The algorithm works similarly to that in Tinder, where the app notifies you every time you get a match and offers you to chat with the chosen person directly on Telegram. 

There are also anonymous Telegram bots that match you to a random stranger. Unlike dating bots where the bot redirects you to the direct messages with the specific person, here all the chatting happens within the bot’s interface. Each participant can immediately stop chatting and find a new partner.  

4. On This Day Bot

This is an alternative “News” Telegram bot for those who prefer immersing into history instead of reading about the present. You press “start” and see five random significant events that happened on that date from the early days of human history till today. If you’re not satisfied, you can ask the bot to send you more events. 

5. Horoscope/Tarot Bot

How can we do without good old “predictions” based on the random number generator just like the renowned slot machines mentioned a while ago? Personal horoscope or tarot divination was brought into Telegram to give you random advice for today. 

These Telegram bots are convenient for users who would go to websites with similar web-based apps for that otherwise. Yet, for the author, it’s much better to use Siri’s, Google Assistant’s, or Cortana’s skill to flip a coin or roll a dice. Did you even know that your phone can do that on request? 

There’re plenty of bots available for vast purposes on Telegram. There are many more of them than you could imagine. That’s all because everyone who is able to code may create their own bot on Telegram by contacting BotFather, receiving an authorization token, and reading Telegram bot API documentation. Frankly speaking, I’d wish there were fewer bots and channels, but of a higher quality. And what’s your point on this? 

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