Let us understand and agree that mobile phone recycling is environment friendly and keeps our planet and natural resources in the pink.

Phone Recycling
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When we choose to recycle old mobile phones and other similar gadgets, it not only helps to conserve the valued resources within but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions that occur during production, processing, and extracting of the embedded materials.

A UK citizen produces 55 lbs. of e-waste, which is almost 22 lbs. more than the European Union (EU) average. Although the EU has directives on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment in British law, UK still has a great deal to do to reach its recycling goals through mobile phone recycler.

Mary Creagh MP, Chair of the Environmental Audit, cites that the house-hold e-waste that constitutes a large number of cell phones is heaping up in a’tsunami of e-waste’.

4 Logical Reasons to Recycle Mobile Phones:

Did you know that only about 10-15 % of the mobile cell phones used in the United Kingdom are recycled? There’s room for doing much better. Let’s see how and why?

1. Recycling of only one cell phone can power a laptop for continuallyforty-four hours.

2. If we could recycle the entire 130 million cell phones thrown aside annually in the UK, we’d collect enough energy to electrify twentyfour homes for a year.

3. There is aroundseventy fivepounds of gold, seven hundred and seventy two pounds of silver, thirty three pounds of aluminium in each one million cell phones recycled. Furthermore, there’s also a significant quantity of gold, tin, and zinc in this mass.

4. There is also toxicity in the mobile phone ingredients that pollutes groundwater, air,and soil if dropped in landfills.

Donate, if Not Recycle Old Mobile Phones:

There are many Europeans who change their mobile phone every 18 to 24 months. Next time you have a brand new phone, don’t shed your old one carelessly or slip it into a drawer to gather dust. If it shapes well, one can consider donating it to a program that serves essential technology to low-income classes and societies. Additionally, there are some recycling applications that work with neighbourhood organizations and schools to accumulate unused cell phones as fundraising jobs.

Apple also takes back its older iPhonesfor recycling and then reprocess it through its refurbish program. Apple in 2015 recycled 90 million pounds of waste. The constituents thus received comprise thirteen million pounds of plastic, twenty three millionpounds of steel, and almost twelve million pounds of glass. There were several high value recovered materials too – 2.9 million pounds of aluminium, 6.6 pounds of silver, and 2.2 pounds of gold.

The marketplaces for recycling busted mobile phones extend far beyond the UK boundaries. The logic is to aid contemporary communication technology to societies in developing nations that cannot afford it.

Helps Restricting Health Issues:

The toxicity of the cell phone substances causes not just environmental pollution and harmfulness but also carriessevere health problems for both animals and humans.

Like, lead causes cancer and affects cognitive functions in the body. Mercury causes memory loss, severe sensory impairments, and muscular weakness in animals.

The Recycling Procedure:

Largely, the organizations prefer to recyclethe older mobile phones in developing countries to ensure that the phones don’t immediately land up in the trash if they are still working.

The phone is subsequently heated and shredded to dust to experience further chemical processing before hitting a smelter to filter all of the metals in it.

Aerials, LCD displays, printed circuit boards, screws,microphones, speakers, battery connectors are some of the critical elements that are recycled.

A simple Google search will fetch you a list of companies that undertake recycling mobile phones in the United Kingdom.

Do Your Bit:

We reside in threatening circumstances where our planet is prone to dangers that can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. Together with the decreasing metal reserves, the valuable metals inside the mobile phones are also valuable than ever.

Inadvertently storing old phones in offices or homes is one of the common practices to get rid of. This ignorant behaviour is the critical contributor which when controlled and changed will help to build a safer and greener ecosystem. Governments and civic societies should create and indulge in awareness programs that preach this fact firmly and with undivided attention, emphasizing upon the long-term and irreversible ailments of e-waste on human health and natural diversity. 

Each breathing human being on the planet is accountable for performing his or her bit to curtail and stop of e-waste by choosing to recycle cellular phones.

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