Meta: Is there a link between the popularity of mobile gaming and the development of smartphone technologies? We took a closer look here.

Mobile gaming is one of the biggest and easiest ways for people to access the industry. Therefore, it is of no surprise at all that we see gaming influencing smartphone development as much as we see it happening the other round. Here are some of the ways in which the influence of the gaming boom can be seen in smartphone development.

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Better Graphics

Mobile gaming apps used to have very simplistic graphics compared to what you might find in console or PC games. They would often be cartoon-based and even led back to the world of 8-bit and other styles of gaming. However, this has now changed.

Consumers nowadays want to be able to play games of the same quality that they could play on their console. They want to be able to explore realistic worlds and interact with highly detailed objects and NPCs. Due to this, we have seen an increase in the graphics capabilities of many smartphones. This in turn has led to the development of a greater processing power for smartphones as a whole. We are truly walking around with miniature computers in our pockets.

Amateur App Development

The easy access to coding and development means that there is a lot of app development happening amongst amateurs in the industry at the moment. There are many courses and resources out there that allow self-taught coders to stream together their own software and release it to the general public.

Firstly, this open market gives amateurs the chance to put their software directly into competition with some of the biggest names in the industry. Some of the most popular mobile games to hit the market have been indie ones, and the smartphone companies respond by making it even easier for people to create games for their platforms. Secondly, the ability to build a profile and portfolio of your own volition gives more of an opportunity for people to get jobs in the industry at other levels. Someone who started off by creating indie games in their bedroom might one day be the lead developer for a top mobile betting app.

A More Complete Gaming Experience

Mobile gaming was once considered to be something small and interesting, quick games meant to pass the time and occupy the mind a little. However, we are now beginning to see the development of smartphones to be gaming platforms in their own right.

Some multiplayer games are looking into cross-platform gaming that could see their mobile players right alongside those on console or computer. Likewise, Samsung’s foray into the world of VR has proven that there might be a future for the intersection of mobile gaming and VR, though they have chosen to discontinue this project. Who knows what we might see in the future?

While the development of mobile games does often rely on the capabilities of smartphone models, there is no denying that the demands of the gaming world also have some influence in the creation of new smartphones and software.

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