An application startup is an excellent idea. The number of new applications in the market is continuously growing. In 2020, over 2 billion applications were introduced to the various app stores.  This article will help you find the best one if you are looking for great business ideas for mobile apps. We offer the latest app development trends and 14 startup ideas for money-making applications in 2021. Let’s get started!

Current Trends in The App Development Market

it is impossible to make a million-dollar app if it doesn’t follow the current market tendencies. If you have a mobile app idea for a business, make sure to include the following features. Before moving on to the best mobile app ideas in 2021, here are 4 things to consider to make a great business app in 2021. 

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI provides countless opportunities for mobile applications. Due to the Statista report, the AI market is going to grow to $89 billion. It will be useful for any new business idea for a mobile app because it analyzes the user behavior, provides better personalization, and increases the app profit. Such giants as Amazon and Starbucks utilize AI tools. 

2. AR and VR

The use of augmented and virtual reality goes far beyond gaming. AR and VR tools can be applied to any sphere, including education, trade, marketing, etc. Augmented Reality can be used to enhance your reality and overlay additional information on top of it. It has limitless possibilities. If you use it for purchasing something, it allows users to see how your product looks in real circumstances and whether it fits you.

Virtual reality allows creating an impression of a different environment. It can stimulate the user’s real-life experience by adding extreme details. Potential uses of this technology are unlimited, especially for design and entertainment apps.

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3. Chatbots

Chatbots are a cool tool to improve the user experience with your application. It makes users feel like they are interacting with a real person, plus you won’t need to spend much time and effort creating the complex user interface. By 2025, the chatbot market is forecasted to increase by $1,2 billion

4. On-demand applications

The user requirements for app services are constantly growing. They want to get various services or products almost instantly after placing a request. Simple on-demand applications are trendy in all spheres: food delivery, transport, etc. The popularity of such apps grew significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic when people had to solve most daily problems using online help. If you have an idea for an on-demand app, make sure it is minimalistic and logical.

If you can’t develop a new app idea for a business, maybe you will find some inspiration in our list. 

14 New Ideas for Business App in 2021

Here are a few ideas for successful applications in 2021.

  1. Scan and Buy

This one has been especially useful during the pandemic. You just scan the product and see the websites where you can purchase it online. You can involve extra features like comparing prices to make your app even more useful.

  1. Restaurant reservation

The app lets you see the restaurant’s graphical plan, select the table, and make a reservation for a specific time. 

  1. Exam preparation

This type of application will be a hub for preparing for different exams. Students can share their experiences and knowledge by helping each other. They just need to select a discipline and find all the necessary information.

  1. Gift delivery

The next app idea lets you schedule birthdays and other significant events of people close to you. You can select the best presents or flowers and send them on your behalf. 

  1. Interior design

This app uses augmented reality technology that helps you decorate your room. If you purchase furniture or other interior elements, you can see what they will look like in your room. With the help of a camera, users will place the 3D models of furniture in a real environment. Moreover, users can order the products directly from the application.

  1. Car parking

With this app, you will be able to find available parking places in your area in real-time. This application will utilize GPS, location, and parking information.

  1. Voice assistance 

Voice command tools like Siri are a popular way to operate devices. An application that can be managed via voice commands will be useful for drivers and people busy performing other tasks. You can add integration with other apps to reduce direct interaction with a mobile phone.

  1. Productivity and motivation

Being productive is essential, especially when lots of people work from home. Include such features as scheduling tasks, creating daily plans, setting a timer for do-not-disturb mode, and motivational quotes. 

  1. Mobile banking

This is a great app idea now that most transactions are made online. You can fill your app with features for accessibility, account tracking, and other advantages of mobile banking.

  1. Language learning

This application will help users with foreign language learning on a beginner level. The app can include different activities and use AI tools for improving pronunciation. Later on, you will be able to create lessons for advanced levels.

  1. Cooking guide

This app allows you to prepare something special from the ingredients you have in your fridge. You can gather recipes from different cuisines and chefs. All you need to do is follow the detailed video instructions. The unique selling proposition will let you earn lots of cash.

  1. Discounts and deals

An application that sends you a notification whenever there are discounts for products or in your favorite shops. It can also be used for services, like traveling. The customers save on finances and save time looking for discounts.

  1. Meditation

This app helps relieve stress and deal with mental health issues. Prepare various meditations of different lengths for different aims: stress reduction or calming down. Such an application is especially necessary when people are stressed because of the pandemic.

  1. Fitness

You can build fitness programs at different levels. You can add motivational music for workouts and detailed video instructions.

The bottom line

Creating a useful and profitable app requires an original and helpful idea. We hope our app ideas for business helped you find a niche for your future application.

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