Sabayon is a popular Gentoo-based Linux distribution for Desktop Users. It is easy to use and modern distribution which follows a reliable rolling release model. As of this writing, the latest stable release is Sabayon 19.03. Sabayon comes with a number of pre-installed Desktop Applications for users to get started. This release of Sabayon has a number of improvements and new features.

Features of Sabayon 19.03

  • Support for Full disk encryption
  • Default Python is Python 3
  • It comes with a new build infrastructure
  • Dracut is the default initramfs generator. A switch from genkernel-next.
  • The installer has changed from Anaconda to Calamares
  • Support for 32 bit UEFI
  • Ships with the kernel is 4.20
  • Better tracking of “automatic” dependencies
  • Nvidia and AMD Graphics improvements
  • Legacy driver deprecation – nvidia-304.XX drivers are now deprecated
  • Desktop, Server and Cloud flavors available

Download Sabayon Gentoo-based Linux distribution

Visit the download page and pick your flavor to download.

install sebayon gentoo linux 01

Once ISO has been downloaded, create a bootable USB stick or DVD for installation.

How to create Linux bootable USB Stick on macOS

How to Create Linux bootable ISO

If you’re installing this on a Virtual Environment such as VMware, VirtualBox or KVM, you don’t need to create a bootable USB. Just attach ISO when creating an instance and begin installation.

Install Sabayon 19.03 Gentoo-Based Linux

Start installer and choose installation.

sebayon gnome start installation

Select system language to set on the welcome screen.

install sebayon gentoo linux 04

Select your region and zone.

install sebayon gentoo linux 05

Choose your Server Keyboard model.

install sebayon gentoo linux 06

Choose partitioning type – Manual or automatic

install sebayon gentoo linux 07

Choose if to encrypt your data disk, if yes set passphrase.

install sebayon gentoo linux 08

Provide username and password used for login.

install sebayon gentoo linux 09

Confirm settings and hit Install button.

install sebayon gentoo linux 10

The installation should start.

sebayon installation progress

Once installation is complete, reboot your server or Virtual Machine to start using newly installed Sabayon OS.

sebayon installation finished

Login with created user account and password.

sebayon linux login

There you have it!. Sabayon 19.03 Operating system has been successfully installed.

sebayon desktop environment

Getting Started with Sabayon

Update the Equo Database:

sudo equo update

Installing package:

sudo equo install <packagename>

Example below installs basic CLI packages.

sudo equo install vim elinks curl wget bash-completion telnet 

Manage service:

# Start
sudo systemctl start <servicename>

# Stop
sudo systemctl stop <servicename>

# Enable
sudo systemctl enable <servicename>

# Restart
sudo systemctl restart <servicename>

# Disable
sudo systemctl disable <servicename>


Sabayon is a highly customizable distribution that has been pre-configured with the tenets of Performance, Versatility, and Stability. Check the Sabayon Wiki page and Gentoo Wiki for a deep dive to tunables.

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