Technology has found its way in most everyday activities and academia is no exception. The increased demand for good apps for students that help them live college life with ease has led to major developments in such applications. Below are the five most essential types of applications meant for students which are deemed vitally important for the crucial services they offer. 

1. Lecture capture apps

It is quite strenuous for students to have to follow what the lecturer is trying to pass along while frantically taking notes at the same time. Most often than not, some important detail is left out. However, thanks to technology, there are applications for students that make it possible to capture the important aspects of the class and listen or watch later on as you revise. These apps have made it possible that what a student deems most important for a particular lecture is not lost. On some occasions, students have been able to link such apps with sites where they find essays for sale online for faster services. Sound note app on iOS makes it so that a student can store both audio and video of a lecture. If it is noted that are written on a board, the Office lens allows students to take a photo and store the information in the most convenient format for them. It could be PDF, Word, or PowerPoint. Other lecture capture applications include note plus, audio memo, and voice recorders that most gadgets come with.

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2. Revision apps

The most important time frame for students is the revision time. To make this easier, there are numerous useful apps for students dedicated to just assisting students to revise. These apps have done their best to integrate techniques that encompass all the needs of the students. There are apps that one can revise alone, others that include group dynamics, and yet others that have your entire class in. Social applications such as the WhatsApp messenger and telegram apps have been commonly used by students taking the same units to discuss and exchange ideas. Other applications such as StudyBlue, Flashcards & Quizzes allow the students to create study cards for their revision. They have practice quizzes where they can mark and evaluate their work. Moreover, with these, you can customize your revision style whether you prefer visual or audio revision style. There is also the GoConqr app that is a great university app for social learners where you can collaborate with friends, classmates, and students from all over the world.

3. Exam preparation apps

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The end goal of the student is to pass their exams at the end of the semester. For that to happen you need to be adequately prepared for the exam. Luckily, there are applications for students designed to assist with exactly that. Apps like exam countdown help you stay on track with your revision with a countdown of days before you can sit a paper. Bench prep is another app that uses social networking for students taking a similar test to go through revision material, quizzes, and notes while tracking their progress. These good apps for students help them study hard to achieve excellent grades for their exams and those who choose a social study dynamic there is accountability. Using such apps gives you some sense of control and ensures that you are well prepared for your exams and thus sit them without anxiety. 

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4. Organization and planner apps

Planning using technology is becoming quite popular. With the ease of accessibility for how mobile smart gadgets are and saving of paper. They are also quite convenient and require a minimal effort of inputting the required data and the app will do the rest of reminding and prompting you. Apps such as Evernote help you create a to-do list, memos, and visual prompts. Other apps like Timetable and my schedule are also quite useful in ensuring that you attend your classes in a good time, work on your homework, and submit before the deadline. In this category of apps for students are the alarms and calendar apps that are customizable to give prompts even days before due dates. Habbithun is another app that helps you get organized while training you to form a habit. Continuous use of organizing and planning apps will automatically help you develop self-discipline and you soon will be able to schedule items properly even without using the apps. Essentially, these apps are there to assist in bringing some order in an otherwise chaotic life of a student. Some planning applications make studying fun and competitive by challenging one another to beat deadlines. For example, a group of students may decide to challenge one another to write an essay in 3 hours. While it creates an immediate sense of achievement to accomplish that, it ultimately assists you to adhere to deadlines and improves your grades overall.

5. Time off apps

Owing to the numerous distractions that there are as hindrances to studies, there are several university applications that have been developed to minimize that. Distractions do not only slow your studying, they can at times make you not study at all. Sometimes it is not easy to ignore that buzz from your phone and when you pick it up, without realizing it, it may be well over an hour before putting it down again. For such reasons, some of the best apps for students like StayFocusd, Self-control and Offtime help you control what is active during your study time and what is not. Of course, if you are not necessarily using your smart gadget to study, it is best to switch it completely off to avoid distractions. On the other hand, if it is necessary to use it, these apps will block out any other application that is not education based keeping you focused. If studying in a group, it is best that all of you make use of these apps because a distraction to any one of you could easily translate to the entire group. The beauty of some of these apps is that they are customizable to leave out apps that you may need with every study session. For instance, if you are expecting a paper from professional sites like WriteMyEssayForMe, you can allow email traffic for that particular time. You can also set it for auto blocking when it is time for study and revision ensuring complete concentration to studying. 

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Technology is often depicted as a vice that would hinder a good flow of education but it is increasingly becoming acceptable as one of the means to propel education. In itself, it is neither good or bad. It is the use of it that really matters. Students are finding new ways every day to integrate useful apps to their daily academia life and it is paying off. Use these student-friendly apps wisely and your college life will not be so chaotic and out of control. 

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