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If you click onto a website for an industry you might not know much about, do you expect there to be an automated feature for you to find out more? That’s the question that the online casino industry may need to answer as the use of chatbots and live chat grow. But just how important is having a chatbot active on a site – especially when compared to other features?

How Important are Chatbots?

For quick, easily defined questions, Chatbots are certainly useful as you can glean extra information and the company can gain a sale without any extra hassle or interference. This could be akin to an FAQ page or could pick up on keywords. You may ask for their range of Microgaming slot games, which could be easy to find.  

But chatbots are only useful to a point. Others expect there to be some method of live chat available. This means someone is at the other end answering queries. Unless the query is quick, customers could find themselves waiting for the customer service operative to have to investigate their account or could defer them to email if the query is long. So, it could be argued that the features are useful but not imperative on the site, especially compared to other features.

How Important are Promotions?

So, which features are necessary for the competitive industry of online casino sites? Well, the welcome bonus is, for one. Welcome bonuses can attract new players and can showcase the generosity of a brand. This in turn is transformed to positive feelings and can be seen as the company attempting to cultivate a strong relationship with their potential customer.

For example, the Royal Panda site has a range of welcome offers – and ongoing bonuses. As the online casino promotions for new players show, there are a variety of different bonuses to choose from. New players can benefit from a bonus bundle of up to $1,000 and 10 free spins on the Book of Dead slot, while those who are interested can take advantage of the $75 free sports bet with the sportsbook aspect of the site.

It’s important to include diversity when making such an offer, especially for industries that are saturated and vying for the same audience. So, adding the sportsbook offer as well as the generic new customer one means that those who want to explore the breadth of the site are catered for. Perhaps most important are the continuous offers that the site has: such as specific deals on certain days of the week.   

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How Important is the Range of Games?

Players may enjoy the bonus, but another factor will come into their decision-making process: the range of games. The bonus is only as strong as the games that the players may want to engage with. So, it’s important for the site to outline their games – table games, jackpot slots, and live variants – and make it easy for players to search through and find a title they want to engage with.

When sites profess to have 1,000s of games available, it’s the job of the web designer to ensure that these games can be easily sifted through. Search functions, the ease of navigation, and an ability to showcase the most popular games are crucial. Customers may only spend a brief time on the site, so it’s important to ensure they can find what they need to on the site.

For all the talk of newer features on the site, such as live chat and chatbots, the most important features of a site often come down to what the site was initially developed for. For online casinos, this is the range of games and the initial offer that will attract customers to explore this range of games. Live chat and chatbots – which aren’t needed by everyone – are just an added benefit when they are present.

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